McKinney Car Accident Damages

Car accidents can be costly. Damage to your vehicle, personal injury, and loss of wages can add up in the weeks and months after the crash. Negotiating these claims with insurance companies can be frustrating and confusing.

This breakdown of the compensation process will help explain how car accident compensation works and in what way a McKinney car accident lawyers can assist you. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting the lowest possible payout, and we can help increase your settlement or prepare your case for a successful trial.

Types of Compensation

Different types of reimbursement can be considered in a car accident compensation case. Damage to your car is only the start. Be informed on each and prepare to document information for all categories:

  • Medical Expenses. This encompasses doctor visits, ambulance fees, consultations with medical professionals, and equipment like crutches and wheelchairs.
  • Property Damages. In a car accident, this is the damage to your vehicle.
  • Lost Wages. Did the accident result in missed time at work? If so, lost wages should be included as part of your car accident compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering. Defined as the physical and mental distress from an accident, this can range from emotional damage to stress and anxiety. In Texas, we need to show how the mental anguish affects you physically so it is important for you to be thinking and documenting these kinds of injuries.
  • Impairment. What can you no longer do that you could do before. Showing physical impairment through examples is a good way to illustrate what physical impairment is, and how it harms your physical abilities.

The last two categories – pain and suffering and impairment – can be the most difficult to calculate. Sometimes, there are other areas of loss which can be compensated.

Insurance companies will often use a multiplier to compute the extent of your pain and suffering. This computation is really random and often without much merit. McCraw Law Group can help you determine a better estimate and better evidence of your current and long-term damages.

Document in Detail

Accident compensation is won in the trenches of detail. The more information you have gathered and organized, the better chance you have of combating a lowball offer from insurance. Documentation on your accident case should include:

  • Police Reports
  • Auto damage quotes
  • Employment records to document missed time and wages
  • Medical expenses and diagnosis
  • Medical treatment plans

Keep all documentation and keep it honest. Don’t attempt to forge reports or change official paperwork. Any hint of dishonesty will allow insurance companies to deny claims and pay the absolute minimum in your case, if anything at all.

A Skilled Attorney Can Help Calculate Damages After a McKinney Car Accident

There are many working parts to a car accident compensation case. Insurance adjusters will often step in before a claim to make low offers to see if you accept. After a claim is filed, the negotiations begin. These negotiations can be complex and difficult. This is where McCraw Law Group excels.

Contact us today to get the benefit of our experience to increase your car accident settlement. Of course, should negotiations fail, we do not hesitate to prepare and try your serious injury case to a successful conclusion.

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