Common Causes of Head-On Collisions in McKinney

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions in McKinney

A head-on collision is generally a collision between the front of two vehicles. It can occur with both cars traveling in opposite directions or with one car traveling and another car standing still. Sometimes, head-on collisions occur when the front bumpers are more or less damaged across the entire front of the vehicle. More frequently, however, there is an offset frontal impact in which the front driver’s side of one vehicle impacts the front driver’s side of the other car. Consult with a seasoned head-on collision attorney to learn more about the common causes of head-on collisions in McKinney.

How Dangerous are Head-On Collisions?

Because of the force involved when two moving vehicles strike each other in this manner, head-on collisions are extremely dangerous and they routinely result in catastrophic injuries or death in one or both of the vehicles involved in the wreck. Of course, the higher the speeds, the more likely death is to occur. In addition, there are certain vehicles that are more prone to damage from front-on collisions or from side-on collisions than others. So, those are all factors that definitely come into play.

Characteristics of Roads in McKinney

In McKinney, there are many highways don’t have a dividing barrier between them, for the most part. There are sections that might have a median, but some of them certainly don’t have medians through the cities, and it makes these much, much more likely to have head-on collisions because, without that barrier, there’s nothing to help a vehicle correct if it’s going across the line, there is nothing to physically stop it; it is just going across the line.

Now, these farm-to-market roads are kind of unique to Texas. These roads have head-on collisions because you will see drivers driving too fast and, very often, many of these drivers are new to the area because we’ve had a lot of growth here. They don’t know where the road’s going to zig or where it’s going to zag. As a result, many times, they end up in the wrong lane of traffic.

These kinds of situations are very dangerous. It is a form of a head-on collision and is another example of how head-on collisions can occur on these farm-to-market roads. Some of them have highway speeds, which makes them very difficult and very dangerous.

Driving While on the Phone

Another example of common causes of head-on collisions in McKinney like in many other forms of wrecks, is distracted driving. Cellphones, electronic maps, texting, and watching videos are especially dangerous when one is driving on a farm-to-market road as opposed to a divided highway. It is simply more dangerous to do that because it’s easier to drift across the lane into the other traffic.

Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated is another example of common causes of head-on collisions in McKinney. Roads in McKinney may create the conditions that enhance the danger if somebody chooses to drink and drive or to drive under the influence of drugs. These long-winding roads that turn when no one is expecting them to turn, leaving very little space between oncoming lanes, and when these substances alter the ability of the driver to discern and avoid the danger, there a lot more head-on collisions.

Driver Fatigue

There is an increasing number of head-on collisions from driver fatigue. The long-haul and even the short-haul, mainly the rock truck drivers, are susceptible. This fatigue limits their sharpness and their reaction time and many 18-wheelers have jack-knifed and ended up having head-on collisions just from simple fatigue. It happens when they really ought to be taking a break and resting.

There is a confluence of factors that make it really dangerous for these trucks and it is hard to keep them in a single lane of traffic. As these roads snap back and forth, they have limited visibility and darkness.

Driving in Dangerous Conditions in McKinney

One last example of common causes of head-on collisions in McKinney driving in dangerous conditions such as rain-slick or icy roads. The weather can make a bad situation worse when traveling on these winding farm-to-market roads or on these highways without dividers, and they cause a lot of head-on collisions. Winding roads, roads without physical barriers, driving while distracted or intoxicated, and driving while overly tired is all amplified on wet or slick roads.

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