McKinney Hit and Run Accident Damages

McKinney Hit and Run Accident Damages

A hit and run accident can throw your day-to-day schedule into disarray. Depending on the severity of the accident, an individual can sustain catastrophic or fatal injuries. It is important that you file a claim for McKinney hit and run accident damages as soon as possible. An experienced car accident lawyer in McKinney may be able to help you recover damages. En Español.

Steps to Take Following An Accident

When a hit and run accident occurs, time is of the essence in hiring an experienced car accident lawyer. It matters more in a hit and run accident than it typically does in a regular accident, where a police report is filed. This is because evidence disappears fast and it becomes more difficult to identify the driver without an immediate investigation of the scene. Any security taken at the scene is often recorded over within a day or two of the accident. In order to file a claim for McKinney hit and run accident damages, the individual has no choice but to hurry.

There are four important steps in a hit and run accident:

  • Call the police and get a police report
  • Get pictures and any physical evidence on the scene
  • Get medical treatment as soon as possible
  • Call a lawyer to get to work on the case

If an individual fails to stop and render aid, they are committing a crime that can be prosecuted. A lawyer’s early intervention with the prosecutor can enhance that civil case because the prosecutor has tools that the civil lawyer does not have as far as case development. They can issue a subpoena before a lawsuit is even filed. When a person is involved in a hit and run accident, time is critical.

Recoverable Damages in a Hit and Run Case

In a hit and run case, an individual is able to recover the same types of damages that one is able to recover in a regular injury case without the hit and run aspect, except for one major difference. They able to recover any medical damages and any loss of earnings capacity, both in the past and in the future.

In Texas, the standard has changed. Now, in order to recover damages, evidence has to be shown that the damages for past medical expenses are either paid or still owed. That evidence is not simply the hospital bills, but what has been paid by the insurance company, what has been paid by the person out of pocket, or what is still owed for past medical expenses.

Emotional Damages in an Accident

Other potential McKinney hit and run accident damages involve past pain, future pain and suffering, and mental anguish. Pain is the physical sensation, while mental anguish damages are those kinds of damages that can cause an individual a deep degree of stress. This is the kind of stress that can cause physical symptoms for a person. In a hit and run injury, an individual can recover hit and run accident damages involving both pain or mental anguish, past and future.

An individual is also able to recover damages in the form of a physical impairment. Physical impairment can be a very significant damage if the person happens to be someone who uses their body to work.

Consulting with a McKinney Car Accident Attorney

If you have experienced a hit and run accident, you might want to consider consulting with a McKinney car accident attorney as soon as possible. If you wait, evidence may disappear over time. A dedicated McKinney attorney may be able to help you recover hit and run accident damages. Call today.

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