McKinney Major Roads Accident Lawyer

McKinney is experiencing explosive growth, which is why there are multiple major roads and highways in the area. Due to the high speeds and heavy traffic, major roads are prime spots for car wrecks to occur. If you or a loved one has been injured on one of these types of roads, seek the services of a McKinney major roads accident lawyer to see if you are eligible for compensation. Call a seasoned attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Most Common Roadways in McKinney

Highway 75 is the main road in McKinney and runs north and south through the town. Highway 75 is also known as Central Expressway. There tends to be a fair amount of construction going on Highway 75 too, resulting in traffic going from 70 to 75 mph to zero in no time because the traffic will back up, which can cause an accident. These types of accidents can bring more damages than collisions on a small street, which is why having a major roads attorney in McKinney is essential.

Going east and west, Highway 380 runs through the town. It is not an expressway and has traffic lights, but also has a lot of trucking traffic. There is heavy traffic going across the metroplex as people are trying to avoid going through Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Sam Rayburn toll road known as Highway 121, goes northeast to southeast through parts of McKinney. This toll road is the boundary for the cities of McKinney, Allen, Frisco, and Plano. Sam Rayburn toll road has expanded as the cities have all had a population growth. There are significant accidents occurring on Highway 121 during rush hour because of the stop-and-go traffic along the way. Rear-end collisions are common with stop-and-go traffic.

Highway 5 is a minor highway that runs from Plano and Allen through McKinney on the east side. Due to the many traffic lights, there is a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Highway 380 and Highway 5 have major intersections and feed into the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Connector Roads

In addition to the highways and turnpikes, there are a number of more regional connector roads which have three or four lanes going in each direction. These are not small roads and they include Custer Road, which is also known as Farmer Market 2478. Forest Park, El Dorado, and Stacy Road are also major connector roads in the McKinney area.

These roads, including the Virginia Parkway, intersect with each other. Most of them are laid out north to south or east to west but they all have intersections with each other. There are also wrecks that occur on all of them, particularly at the stop lights or when people are turning left across traffic. Several wrecks occur when someone turns left and does not have the green arrow and this impacts other vehicles.

Car Accident on a Major Road Versus on a Standard Street

The faster the speed limit, the more lanes that are involved, and the more cars on the road, the greater likelihood that a wreck will happen. Also, it is common for a secondary accident to occur. In secondary impact wrecks, police officers, first responders, firefighters, ambulance drivers can be hurt or killed despite all the lights and warnings to other motorists.

Many people are killed in secondary wrecks when the primary accident may not have been a major collision. After the first wreck, people get out of their vehicles on the side of the road and they do not have the protection of their vehicles anymore. Another driver may not be paying attention or driving too fast and not see the cars on the side. Unfortunately, this is a common situation on the highways and major roadways. If someone is on the wreck on a major road, they should move the vehicles as far as the can off the road, if possible. They should also put their hazards on to let other people know that they are there.

To know what other steps to take after a car wreck, contact a McKinney major roads accident lawyer.

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