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A rear-end crash occurs when the front end of one vehicle makes contact with the back bumper of another car. Unfortunately, these accidents are most often caused by distracted driving when drivers are not properly paying attention to what is going on around them. If your wreck was caused by another’s negligence, you could be eligible for compensation to cover your medical bills and property damages. A McKinney rear-end collision lawyer could assist you by conducting an external investigation to show the liability of the party at fault to a jury or insurance company in a settlement proceeding. If you wish to pursue compensation for your damages, read on to learn more about how a dedicated car accident attorney could fight for your coverage today. En Español.

Common Causes

Rear-end collisions often occur in the McKinney area because of construction and stoplights throughout the area. These accidents could happen because of aggressive drivers tailgating other vehicles and not allowing enough space between the cars, or distracted drivers who are not properly paying attention to the environment around them. They could be talking or texting on a cellphone, changing the radio station, or looking at their GPS when they should have both hands on the wheel.

Highway 380, highway 121, and even highway 75 north of McKinney are very common areas for these accidents to occur. Highway 75 may have a lot of construction occurring near Melissa that attracts traffic at odds times, as well as many red lights that individuals may not be expecting after coming off of an interstate. Individuals need to be particularly cautious around major intersectional highways such as these in order to avoid rear-end collisions. Know that a skilled McKinney rear-end collision attorney can assist individuals who have had accidents in these conditions through aggressive representation in court.

Important Evidence

It can be extremely significant to reach out to a qualified injury attorney as soon as possible after a collision because evidence needs to be preserved right away to be able to prove one’s case. Rain could potentially wash away the skid marks made on the road, the other party could repair their vehicle, or witnesses to the accident could forget what happened and move away. If an experienced McKinney back-end crash lawyer is able to visit the scene ahead of time, they could take pictures of the vehicles to have an accident re-constructionist recreate the events or find footage from a nearby traffic camera before it is written over. These elements can be crucial to help prove the liability of the party at fault and show that they are obligated to provide the plaintiff with compensation.

The Role of a McKinney Rear-End Collision Attorney

While experiencing a car accident can be an overwhelming experience, know that you do not have to face its consequences alone. A determined McKinney rear-end collision lawyer can assist you by maintaining all communications with the insurance company of the party at fault and negotiating your settlement so that you so can instead focus on your medical recovery. If you wish to pursue compensation for your unjust damages, reach out to a seasoned legal professional today for your initial consultation.

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