Common Rear-End Collision Accidents in McKinney

Common Rear-End Collision Accidents in McKinney

If you have questions regarding the different types of common rear-end collision accidents in McKinney and how they could potentially affect your ability to receive injury compensation, consider reaching out to a local collision attorney for assistance. A professional lawyer could help by answering all of your questions, informing you of your best legal options given your situation, and guide you through the next steps towards pursuing compensation. Read on to learn more about the different types of common rear-end collision accidents in McKinney, as well as the ways a dedicated wreck attorney could work to make a difference in your case today. En Español.

Intoxication and Inattention

Unfortunately, many of the most common rear-end collision accidents in McKinney can occur due to intoxication. In ten of Texas’ urban counties in 2016, there were 382 deaths and 11,577 wrecks from driver intoxication.Other common rear-end collision accidents in McKinney occur because of driver inattention. In 2016, there were 81,044 wrecks caused by driver inattention in 8 of Texas’ urban counties, including McKinney and Collin County. This is an enormous number considering the size of these areas. Unlawful stops on a highway or even backing up in traffic are examples of this type of inattention where the car in front purposefully decided to ignore the rules of the road.


In other circumstances, long-haul 18-wheeler drivers suffering from over-exhaustion can cause these accidents as well. Due to the immense size difference between the vehicles, these types of rear-end collisions can have catastrophic consequences for the civilian drivers and passengers involved. While the Department of Transportation requires that truck drivers keep their hours of service in driver logs to prevent them from driving when they are too tired, companies may encourage their employees to disregard this practice to turn over more profit. This can lead to the falsification of driver logs, and if a knowledgeable attorney is able to prove this through an audit, the employee and their company could be held liable for the damages they caused.

Ignoring the Rules of the Road

When a large truck makes an unlawful stop on the highway at night, this essentially creates a death-trap for unsuspecting civilian drivers. These trucks need to have proper safety gear and reflectors whenever they make unexpected stops so that others drivers can see them ahead of time and avoid them. If these trucks make a wrong turn onto an exit and try to unlawfully back up onto the highway, they can also end up hitting other drivers if they cannot see them in their rear-view mirrors.

The Importance of a Skilled Injury Attorney

If you have suffered from one of these common rear-end collisions in McKinney, know that there are options you could pursue in order to receive compensation from the party at fault. With the help of a professional injury attorney on your side, you could work to hold the negligent driver liable for their actions in a settlement or court proceeding. Consider retaining the expertise of a professional accident lawyer today in order to get started on your case.

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