Role of an Attorney When Considering McKinney Car Accident Settlements

Role of an Attorney When Considering McKinney Car Accident Settlements

There are many benefits an accomplished car collision lawyer could offer to someone who has been involved in an accident. A car accident attorney may have experience handling these types of cases and how to ensure that you are able to recover the damages you deserve. The role of an attorney when considering McKinney car accident settlements is essential, therefore, if you have been in a car wreck, reach out to a dedicated lawyer right away. A capable attorney could help you decide whether settling is right for you.

Working with the Insurance Companies

One of the most important roles of a lawyer when considering McKinney car accident settlements is working with the insurance companies. The insurance company does not have the injured person’s best interest in mind and will look for any reason to pay as little out of pocket as possible.

An insurance company may offer a settlement early in the process, but it is important to consult with a lawyer before cashing the check. An attorney will evaluate the case and make sure that the settlement offer is fair. Insurance companies tend to offer low ball settlements to individuals who do not have legal representation. One of the factors the insurance companies use in their evaluation of the case is whether or not there is a lawyer involved and if there is an attorney, what their reputation is. The trial history of a lawyer is reported to the insurance company, so the insurance companies are aware of which lawyers will conduct due diligence in their cases and which ones will not.

Collecting Evidence

Another role of an attorney when considering McKinney car accident settlements is by preserving all evidence necessary for a successful claim. Quality lawyers will do what they can to make sure that all the evidence they need is in the file to help the injured person get the recovery that they need. This can get complicated because the insurance company is ultimately in control of the file and can set reserves at whatever amount they choose. However, reserves are subject to be audited by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

A seasoned lawyer will know how to investigate the case and collect all the evidence that is needed and will do everything possible to enhance the value of the claim. The greater the value, the greater the chance of the case being settled. If a lawyer makes a demand within the reserve, it is going to put an insurance adjuster in an awkward place if they choose not to pay it.

Offering Advice to Avoid Mistakes

An attorney can help someone with their claim by advising them on how to avoid harming their case. Sometimes people involved in a wreck post on social media about their accident, which is a big mistake. It is also important that an injured individual seeks medical attention and goes to follow-up visits with their doctor. A lawyer will also advise car accident victims to refrain from making recorded statements to insurance companies. Avoiding mistakes following a wreck can help an individual recover the damages they deserve.

Contacting a McKinney Car Accident Attorney

The Texas Department of Insurance produced a report in 2016 in which they researched property damage claims and discovered that a person is likely to receive seven times more money if they have a lawyer versus not having a lawyer.

A car accident attorney is familiar with the laws and the process of a car collision claim. To learn more about the role of an attorney when considering McKinney car accident settlements, contact a lawyer today.

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