Considering Settlement vs Trial for McKinney Car Accidents

Considering Settlement Vs Trial for McKinney Car Accidents

There can be many positives in choosing to settle rather than go to trial and vice versa. For example, it costs more money to go to trial and the outcome may not be worth it. However, depending on the outcome, sometimes it is worth going to trial instead of settling. When considering settlement vs trial for McKinney car accidents, it is important to consult an accomplished car collision lawyer. An attorney is going to have the knowledge and experienced to give you the legal advice you need following your accident.

Insurance Coverage Impact on Car Wreck Cases

One of the main factors when considering settlement vs trial for McKinney car accidents is the type of insurance coverages involved and the amounts of coverage. For instance, if the liability policy available is a minimum $30,000 per person limit automobile liability policy and the person’s injuries exceed the minimum limits, it may make sense to take the settlement without having to spend additional money to obtain the $30,000. It is important for the attorney to ensure that all sources of potential recovery are exhausted are there are no additional coverages on top of that $30,000 policy that could provide coverage, however, taking the settlement may make economic sense.

Risks at Trial

A person may want to settle a case instead of trying it in court due to the uncertainty that trial may bring. There is no such thing as a 100 percent certainty of what a jury’s verdict will be. Lawyers can handicap what the jury might do based on the venue or county where the case is to be tried. A trial is also costly due to the expense of expert witnesses, developing evidence, and other aspects. Many times, once basic discovery has occurred, all parties realize that they will be spending enormous sums of money to go to trial. People sometimes decide all the money being spent for trial is not worth the risk of an unfavorable outcome.

Split Fault Scenarios

When considering settlement vs trial for McKinney car accidents, it is essential to know if it is a split fault situation. Split fault is when the parties involved have some of the responsibility for the accident. This may motivate a settlement because neither party knows what percentage fault the jury will assign if it goes to trial. Measuring risk on the total dollar amount the jury might compensate with or how the fault may be split are factors when deciding whether or not to settle a case.

How a McKinney Car Collision Lawyer Could Help

A tolerance for risk may be determined based on the injured person’s financial situation. If the injured person is in desperate financial need, there is a different set of considerations to deal with as opposed to if the individual is wealthy, feels deeply wronged, and is willing to spend any amount of money to bring the case to trial.

It is important to remember that a compassionate lawyer will keep your best interests in mind when considering settlement vs trial for McKinney car accidents. If you have been injured in a car wreck, contact a dedicated attorney today to see how a legal professional could help you recover following an accident.

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