McKinney Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

While being involved in a major accident can be a frightening experience, know that you do not have to face it alone. A qualified McKinney side-impact collision lawyer can guide you through the steps toward attaining injury compensation following a wreck and how to hold the other driver liable for their actions. Read on to learn more about how a skilled car crash attorney can work to make a difference in your case today.

What Causes a Side-Impact Collision?

The most common cause of a side-impact accident involves a lane change where one vehicle slams into the other as they are changing lanes. While many may not view these scenarios as major impacts, they can still turn deadly if there is a large disparity in the size of the vehicles involved. Cars can be turned over or completely flipped during these situations. They usually occur on major roads where there is more than one lane driving in the same direction. They are increasingly common on Highway 380, 75, and 121 through Collin County.

In addition, T-bone wrecks can occur in any major intersection that has a left-hand turn across traffic. They tend to occur on larger roads near big shopping centers and other attractions. Individuals may not be expecting other drivers to come out from the median and cut across traffic, which can lead to these accidents. They are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists and bicyclists who do not possess extensive protective covering against larger vehicles. A proactive McKinney side-impact collision attorney could investigate to determine what caused a particular crash and hold the at-fault party legally accountable.

Common Injuries

Because the nature of the force is not straight on the body in a side-impact collision, neck injuries are particularly common as a result. The human neck is simply not made to take those kinds of forces from inside. Because of this, one may suffered from herniated discs in their neck, torn muscles, torn ligaments, and some nerve damages from side-impact collisions. Torn rotator cuff injuries can also occur from side impact collisions. The rotator cuff is a shoulder injury in which a driver literally has a ligament that is attached to a muscle that tears very easily whenever they receive pressure from the sides. Another common element of side impacts involves knee injuries. Side-impacts will often break one’s knee against the door or  tear their tendons and ligaments in the knee.

A less common but very serious injury that can happen after a side-impact collision is brain injury. These involve traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions. Acceleration, deceleration, or the impacts themselves can cause these concussions or other serious brain injuries. Some of these can be short-term where patients can recover, but some individuals can have long-term impacts in their cognitive functioning abilities as a result. Because there is more force at play in a T-bone collision, there will often be much more bodily injury occurring than in a lane change crash.

A dedicated McKinney T-bone accident attorney could help seek compensation when you or a loved one suffer any of these catastrophic injuries.

Reach Out to a McKinney Side-Impact Collision Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered damages at the hands of a negligent driver, know that a dedicated McKinney side-impact collision lawyer can help. A capable attorney can work to establish the liability of the party at fault so that you can recover the damage compensation that you deserve. Consider reaching out to a professional McKinney side-impact collision lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.

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