McKinney Hypoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

McKinney Hypoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

Anytime the brain is deprived of oxygen, there is a risk of severe harm. If another person’s negligent actions caused you or a loved one to suffer from hypoxia, you could have grounds for a catastrophic brain injury claim. A McKinney hypoxic brain injury lawyer could help you build a strong case against the at-fault party so you may pursue appropriate compensation.

Common Causes of Hypoxic Brain Injuries

Hypoxic brain injuries are similar to anoxic brain injuries and result from low oxygen levels in the brain. Hypoxic injuries occur in situations where the amount of oxygen getting into the brain is impaired, but not fully cut off.

The most common ways hypoxic brain injuries are sustained is through chemical spills, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide poisoning. Hypoxic injuries also occur in car and truck wrecks. For instance, if a brain bleeds after a vehicle accident, there can be bleeding in certain areas of the brain. Some tissue may go without oxygen for an extended period. Smoke inhalation during fires can also cause hypoxia.

What are the Symptoms of Hypoxia?

Hypoxia is a little slower coming on and often has better recovery, but a person can still have serious injuries when oxygen to the brain is limited. People initially feel nauseated if the body is starved for oxygen.

Over time, hypoxic brain injuries will act like anoxic ones, getting increasingly worse, eventually resulting in cell death. Cell damage causes brain swelling resulting in brain tissue death that may kill the individual without timely intervention. This can be seen in situations where an individual was in a fire. Even if a person gets out of the fire, because they spent enough time in a low-oxygen environment and suffered brain damage, they could still have long term serious injuries or even pass away.

What Treatment Options are Available for Hypoxic Injuries in McKinney?

After the initial treatment to stop the hypoxic injury from increasing pressure in the skull, caretakers typically transition to rehabilitation for the injured person. While some people regain some functioning over time, most individuals with these injuries never fully recover. Therapies like cognitive rehabilitation use workarounds so that the injured person can still function and retain some independence.

Workarounds can be simple, such as having calendars and reminders. Sometimes they are significant, such as having people to remind them to do things like eating. In severe cases, people may require full-time medical care to make sure that their basic daily needs are met.

Treatment can quickly become expensive, especially for those requiring life-long care. A McKinney hypoxic brain injury attorney could help a claimant seek compensation from the responsible party to help pay for medical treatment.

Establishing Fault

A lawyer in McKinney must be able to prove in a hypoxic brain injury case each symptom the person is having related to the brain injury and that a negligent act caused it. For a claimant to be properly compensated, an attorney would show how this injury has impacted them and will continue to impact them. It is common in hypoxia cases to have life-care planners, occupational rehabilitation specialists, and occupational persons as experts to testify on behalf of the claimant. A lawyer may also bring in an economist to show the financial impact of hypoxia.  These cases are very serious and require a lawyer with the knowledge, experience and financial resources necessary to fight and win.

Speak with a McKinney Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney

Since hypoxia can leave a person permanently impaired and requiring life-long treatment, it is imperative to obtain experienced legal counsel to help with seeking financial recovery. A McKinney hypoxic brain injury lawyer could gather evidence, provide experts, and build a strong case for a claimant. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you could receive the compensation you need to live a comfortable life. Call now and take the first steps toward recovery.

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