McKinney Paralysis Injury Lawyer

McKinney Paralysis Injury Lawyer

While any harm to the neck or back can result in catastrophic harm to an individual, it is especially devastating when this harm causes someone to become paralyzed. Paralysis involves the loss of feeling or mobility of a part of the body.

If you have become paralyzed due to another person’s negligent actions, a McKinney paralysis injury lawyer could help. A skilled attorney experienced with severe back injury cases could ensure you are compensated for all your physical, emotional, and financial damages.

Types of Paralysis

A person can have paralysis to any individual, or even part of, a limb, but typically, it is the lowest part of the extremity, where the nerve runs. An individual can have an impingement, a disruption of the nerve in an arm, potentially paralyzing the hand of that arm. The farther up the nerve line back toward the spinal cord the damage is done, the more area that will be affected by paralysis

There can be a situation in which have the cord itself is damaged. Typically, that means the lower extremities could become paralyzed, but if the damage is a little higher, it can affect the bladder, sex organs, or other parts of the body.

In the upper neck, a disruption in the spinal cord can cause quadriplegia, meaning all four of the extremities are affected. In these situations, people often require breathing machines and a wheelchair due to the paralysis. There also can be paraplegia, when only the legs are affected. A McKinney attorney could ensure a paralyzed claimant seeks a fair recovery that compensated them for all their losses.

How Can Claimants Improve Their Paralysis Case?

There are several things that claimants can do to help their McKinney lawyer with a paralysis case, beginning with following doctor’s orders. Particularly if someone has paralysis or the potential of paralysis, the difference between following what a doctor says and not could mean long-term issues for the claimant. Many times, people suffer partial paralysis and because of quick medical care, they do not have the full degree of paralysis they could otherwise have had.

Depending on the degree of the paralysis, the claimant can help in gathering material that an attorney might need. This can include witness information, photos from the scene, and medical records. This evidence could be used to prove defendant liability.

Expert Witnesses in McKinney

In the current medical climate, paralysis is still considered incurable despite many advances over the past 15 or 20 years in regenerative medicine. While that research is exciting and offers hope, there is not yet a cure for paralysis. If somebody has a spinal cord severed, for instance, there is no way to put that back together so the person will be able to regain the use of their arms or legs.

It is up to lawyers in McKinney to prove that currently, the injured claimant will be paralyzed most likely for the rest of their life. This often requires an expert witness, a medical professional well-versed in paralysis injuries. An expert witness can explain a claimant’s injuries and how they could financially impact them in the future, often by requiring ongoing treatment, home modifications, or live-in care.

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Due to the severity of a paralysis injury, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. A McKinney paralysis injury lawyer could review your case, gather important evidence, and argue for fair compensation. Call our office today to schedule your free initial case consultation.

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