What to do After a Paralysis Injury in McKinney

What to do After a Paralysis Injury in McKinney

Knowing what steps to take after a paralysis injury in McKinney could substantially impact your physical recovery and strengthen your potential civil claim. If another person causes you to sustain paralyzing injuries, you should contact an experienced injury attorney. A dedicated lawyer could review your case and take the necessary steps to improve your claim while you focus on your physical recovery.

What Should Someone Do Immediately After Sustaining a Paralyzing Injury?

There are a number of things people should do following a devastating injury, including seeking medical treatment, collecting evidence, and contacting a lawyer. These could prevent a person from suffering further damage and strengthen their potential claim.

Seek Medical Treatment

One of the first things a person should do after sustaining an injury that has caused paralysis is seek medical care immediately. If partial paralysis caused by a nerve issue is caught quickly enough, a surgical remission could salvage some use of the affected limb. After an accident, an individual could be losing function or not realize that they are in pain if they sustain a severe-enough spinal cord injury. The paralysis could quickly become permanent if not addressed in a timely manner.

Collect Evidence

If someone is involved in an accident and experiences total paralysis from the outset, possibly due to a partially-severed spinal cord, they should retain an attorney as soon as possible. In these situations, insurance companies typically send their experts to the scene to preserve the evidence that benefits them.  If there is persuasive liability evidence that the defendant was at fault for the injuries, the insurance company has no duty to preserve it. Critical evidence can simply degrade or disappear with time.

Contact a Lawyer

People who have sustained paralyzing injuries should look for attorneys who could collect and preserve evidence quickly and have the resources necessary to develop a strong claim. If attorneys are involved early enough, they could potentially negotiate agreements with defense lawyers to preserve the necessary evidence. However, insurance companies might sabotage or destroy evidence even if an agreement is in place. Therefore, it is critical to get a skilled lawyer on the scene as quickly as possible.

Where to Seek Medical Care for Paralysis

Where people should seek medical attention for a paralyzing injury in McKinney depends on the nature of their paralysis. For instance, Medical City McKinney and Baylor McKinney are hospitals that are well-equipped to address partial paralysis.

If possible, someone who is being treated for paralysis by a first responder should ask them where they are being transported and who provides the best care for their situation. Prompt medical attention could allow someone to save the functionality of their limb.

Orthopedic injuries can put direct pressure on the spine and cause partial paralysis. Function and feeling could be restored if the swelling is resolved and the pressure is taken off the spinal cord within the first hours after the accident. Typically, emergency responders will initiate care at a level-one trauma center and take the pressure off the spinal cord unless they see that it has been severed. If the spinal cord has been severed, medical personnel will do what they can to reduce or stop the swelling. Afterward, they will likely refer the injured individual to intensive physical and occupational rehabilitation to determine their potential for recovery.

Discuss What Steps to Take After a Paralysis Injury with a McKinney Attorney

If you have suffered an injury causing that caused you to become paralyzed, you should consider hiring a catastrophic injury attorney. Without a well-practiced lawyer, you might not be able to obtain the full and complete recovery you deserve.

One of the first steps to take after a paralysis injury in McKinney is to call the McCraw Law Group. Our team of compassionate lawyers could review your case and develop a personalized case to meet your needs. Schedule your free case consultation today.

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