Injuries in the McKinney Dog Bite Case

Injuries in the McKinney Dog Bite Case

As defined by law, an attack injury, as applied to a dog bite case, requires a physical attack.If a dog growls, snarls, or chases after someone, it does not constitute an attack injury if there is no physical contact. There must be physical contact for a viable dog bite claim. With violent dog breeds, an attack can be devastating, with many puncture wounds, rips, and tears on different parts of the body.

In this dog bite case, our client suffered severe injuries from the dog attack. Fortunately, our team of seasoned lawyers was able to help her get the compensation she deserved.

Seeing the Doctor

The doctor played a significant role in determining the client’s injuries. The doctor was careful to fully document all of the injuries. They also provided a prognosis of what the young woman would need in the future. The documentation of the injuries proved to be critical to the case.

Defining Trauma

In McKinney, the law defines trauma as something broader than physical injury. Trauma can be emotional as well as physical injury. A traumatic event can be solely psychological, but that is rare in cases of dog bites. In dog bite cases, there usually is a physical component. But, psychological injuries are sometimes the most devastating part of that type of animal attack, because it can change a person’s outlook on life, their sense of safety and security, even in their own home or in their neighborhood.

Trauma was a factor in the client’s case because when a person is attacked from behind, she did not see it coming and did not know what was happening until the dog already was ripping and tearing up her leg. It made her much more cautious and very concerned about her surroundings all the time, almost to the point of panic.

Contacting an Attorney After the Injury

The client contacted the firm shortly after the incident, allowing it to preserve evidence that had to be preserved early. By contacting us early, we were able to assist her immediately. The client was concerned about the dog because she knew nothing of its medical history and was worried about potential diseases it may have. She was also concerned about others being harmed by the plainly dangerous dog.

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