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Throughout Texas, oil and gas fraud and investment schemes have become increasingly sophisticated and complex. While most companies raising capital for drilling are reputable and legitimate businesses, many oil and gas ventures are frauds. Even some of the most well-known names in oil and gas have shortchanged Texas landowners out of money, through breach of contract, self-dealing to “manufacture” expenses and other unfair actions.

North Dallas Oil Gas Fraud AttorneysIf you are a landowner and believe you have been unfairly dealt with by a gas and oil company, do not hesitate to retain the service of McKinney oil and gas lawyers. Serving Dallas and all of North Texas, The McCraw Law Group represents landowners and investors in oil and gas fraud claims and disputes.

By applying our extensive experience in fraud cases and our proven, meticulous approach to recovery, we provide our clients a highly favorable chance for restitution. With McCraw Law Group as your advocate, you can count on a reliable, strategic plan to recover what has been taken from you.

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Texas Oil and Gas Scams

Gas and oil ventures are risky, high overhead, and investment-driven enterprises. They can also prove to be tremendously profitable, which is why fraudsters are often able to scam thousands of people out of millions of dollars.

Various scenarios in the Texas oil and gas industry result in fraud, royalty disputes and other misappropriation of assets. Our McKinney gas and oil fraud attorneys aggressively represent parties who have been wronged in conflicts over financial disputes with oil and gas companies, such as the underpayment or non-payment of royalties.

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Handling cases across state and federal courts in Texas, The McCraw Law Group fights for the rights of clients who have suffered violations at the hands of unscrupulous oil, gasoline and natural gas companies.

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