McKinney Construction Accident Lawyer

McKinney Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites have a variety of potential hazards, whether they are constructing a building or equipment. Scaffolding could fall or there could be a failure of the structure being constructed. If there are excavations for sewage or plumbing, people run the risk of suffering harm should those ditches collapse.

People injured on construction sites should seek guidance from an experienced injury attorney. A McKinney construction accident lawyer could review your case and help determine who is liable for your damages.

Common Injuries on Construction Sites

There are a variety of circumstances that could result in someone suffering harm on a construction site. For example, crushing injuries are often the result of falling beams, scaffolding, or cranes.

There are also loading and unloading injuries where construction workers are handling heavy materials that can crush, impinge, and break bones. Local attorneys also commonly see brain injuries from these types of construction accidents because people can get hit on the head or knocked to the ground.

Another fairly common situation occurs when infrastructure is being put underground and an excavation is being dug. If a person gets down in that excavation, they can be seriously injured if it collapses on them. In those situations, death is unfortunately very common.

Burn injuries are also common on these worksites. In construction zones, people can also be exposed to hazardous chemicals and electrical wires, putting them at risk of suffering severe burns.

Who is Liable for Harm to a Construction Worker?

Typically, when a person is employed at a construction site, there is a worker’s compensation insurance that is usually provided by the employer. In Texas, worker’s compensation is not required, but many construction companies will have this coverage because it limits their liability.

Additionally, someone cannot maintain an individual lawsuit to determine the amount of their damages in a worker’s compensation accident unless that accident causes death. Then they can bring a claim if they meet the higher standard of gross negligence for exemplary damages.

While there is likely to be a worker’s compensation bar to recovery, it is still critical that an injured construction worker consult with a McKinney lawyer who understands this area of the law. A seasoned attorney could determine whether or not there is a third party that might be responsible for their injury.

An example of that could be if they have another sub on job that caused the injury that harmed the employee. In this case, their employer’s worker’s compensation may not be a bar necessarily to them maintaining a case.

Third-Party Injuries on Construction Sites

Although rare, occasionally accidents that occur on a construction site hurt people that are not involved in the construction. For instance, a crane can collapse and harm all types of innocent people. If a crane collapses, it could strike vehicles, pedestrians, or nearby buildings, causing devastating injuries and deaths.

There are also situations in which an improvement is being made to one area of an infrastructure and it harms another area of infrastructure. A good example of that might be where a bridge or road collapses because construction work nearby has compromised the foundation.

If the injured party is not employed at the construction site, then normal civil court rules for determining liability and responsibility apply. This includes proportionate liability.

Contact a McKinney Construction Accident Attorney Today

These particular accidents are especially complicated because attorneys have to parse the contracts between potentially responsible parties and construction standards that can be substantially different. Furthermore, these cases often involve catastrophic injuries and fatalities, so it is vital to obtain a legal professional who could well represent your best interests.

For these reasons, it is advisable to speak with a McKinney construction accident lawyer. Our team could provide you with trustworthy advice and help you seek full and complete compensation for your harm.

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