McKinney Product Liability Lawyer

McKinney Product Liability Lawyer

In Texas and throughout the nation, unsafe products result in the catastrophic injuries or deaths of countless individuals each year. Many of these tragedies could have been prevented if the makers and suppliers of these products took proper safety precautions to ensure the quality, safety and proper use of these products.

State and federal laws give consumers powerful legal recourse to seek justice for harm caused by dangerous or unsafe products. The McKinney product liability lawyers with McCraw Law Group know the law and is prepared to enforce it.

Steps to Take If Injured by a Consumer Good

Since 1992 we have represented people injured in Texas product liability lawsuits. We have the knowledge and resources to help claimants recover the financial compensation necessary for recovery. Not only can we help our clients obtain the money they deserve, but we may help protect others from serious harm as well.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a faulty product, please contact McCraw Law Group to speak with a knowledgeable McKinney attorney about your situation and learn how we could assist you.

How Can An Experienced Defective Products Attorney Help?

U.S. product manufacturers, designers and distributors have a duty to ensure that the products they release to consumers do not pose unreasonable risk of illness or injury.

Unfortunately, billion-dollar corporations sometimes choose to put profits before safety, rushing their product to the marketplace without adequate safety testing or by cutting corners in quality control. Other companies overlook the importance of proper warning labels and instructions on their products.

If a product is defective, unsafe, or its design has not been tested to ensure proper safety standards have been met, we could help. Proving a product liability case can be a complex and expensive legal process. Large corporations, vendors and marketers have skilled legal teams and insurance companies that will protect their interests.

You need to be on equal footing. You will want to retain a McKinney defective products attorney that is able to invest in your case and will fight to see that you receive compensation for the full extent of your injuries.

We urge you to discuss your case with our firm without delay. Because we take cases on a contingency basis, we do not accept payment until and unless we are successful in getting compensation for you.

What Are the Three Main Types of Defective Product Lawsuits?

Design Defects – a product’s blueprint or formula is inherently flawed, whereby the composition and construction render a product unsafe when used in the intended and reasonable manner.

Manufacturing Defects – flaws occurring on the assembly line or otherwise during the manufacturing process render the final product weak, cracked, toxic or otherwise hazardous to consumers and the public.

Marketing Defects or Failure to Warn – insufficient or improper labeling, instruction or language about using the product, or inadequate warning of potential dangers of using the product.

Our Product Liability Attorneys Handle the Toughest Cases

The scope of our practice includes all type of defective products claims:

  • Automotive defects: structural crashworthiness, gas tank defects, defective tires, brakes, air bags, cruise control, safety locks, as well as other faulty auto components.
  • General consumer products: home heaters, power tools, flammable fabrics, yard equipment, household appliances
  • Dangerous prescription drugs
  • Defective medical devices and equipment
  • Unsafe children’s toys and baby furniture
  • Faulty construction equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Farm and agricultural machinery
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Recreational vehicles (bicycles and ATVs)
  • Food products
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Product recalls

Contact McKinney Defective Product Attorneys

Our law firm provides the support essential to handling these serious injury cases. We pursue the maximum financial compensation possible with skill and determination, to help our clients rebuild a damaged life. Our McKinney product liability lawyers also believe that our legal system is needed more than ever to prevent future tragedies concerning consumer rights.

By exposing the poor choices and wrongful behavior of companies who have released these dangerous products into the marketplace and holding them accountable for their actions, we strive to improve consumer’s rights and the laws that protect them in Texas and nationally.

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