Impact of Latent Injuries in McKinney Slip and Fall Cases

Impact of Latent Injuries in McKinney Slip and Fall Cases

When you have a slip and fall accident, it is sometimes impossible to know the extent of your injuries right away. You may believe your injuries are minor and decide they are not worth treating because they will likely heal on their own. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t always work that way.

More often, a trip and spill incident produces an initial injury which becomes exacerbated over time. Our lawyers could help you navigate the impacts of latent injuries in McKinney slip and fall cases.

Common Progression of Slip and Fall Injuries in McKinney

When someone has been injured in a slip and fall incident, it is critical for them to receive prompt treatment and to be consistent in following their doctor’s orders. Doing so leaves a paper trail of treatment and allows attorneys to show the progression of an injury in a subsequent civil claim for damages. Failure to seek appropriate medical care could not only jeopardize a claimant’s chances of recovering their total losses but can also put them in danger of suffering from undiscovered injuries.

However, if the injured party does follow doctors’ instructions, including participating in physical therapy, and they are still in pain after some time, they must be reevaluated with more tests. Many times, those tests reveal that the initial scans concealed a more profound injury. In fact, it is not unheard of for people who slipped and fell to need full shoulder replacements.

Shoulder dislocation is a common and painful consequence of slip and fall accidents. While a dislocated shoulder sometimes heals quickly, it is more likely for an injured person to have a torn rotator cuff or another torn tendon or ligament in addition to the dislocation that may not be immediately recognized due to the initial nature of the injury. If a person’s shoulder is dislocated, they may not know whether the dislocation is the only problem because initial swelling can hide further issues, even on an MRI scan.

Insurance Companies Exploit Gaps in Treatment

A person who denies medical treatment immediately after a trip and fall accident but seeks treatment later after their injury becomes too much to bear, the defense will take advantage of that.

Insurance companies take advantage of people who are trying their best to avoid medical costs by offering a quick and undervalued settlement amount. A slip and fall lawyer in the McKinney area could guide a person with late-developing injuries through the legal process of recovering damages.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst with Slip and Fall Injuries

McCraw Law Group encourages anyone injured in a slip and fall incident to do everything they can to preserve the evidence – that means visiting the doctor early and often. In an ideal world, injuries sustained in trip and spill accidents would not be worse than bruising or superficial wounds.

However, injured individuals must prepare for the possibility of their injuries being more severe than they appear. Our team of attorneys encourage anyone injured in a trip and fall accident to seek immediate and regular medical treatment to ensure their injuries do not worsen unnecessarily over time.

Contact a McKinney Lawyer about Latent Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

It is important to consider current and potential future injuries when deciding whether to accept the settlement, because once you do, you can never come back for more. Call our firm and ask about the impact of latent injuries on slip and fall cases in McKinney. We would be happy to review your claim and advise you on the best course of action.

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