Role of a McKinney Attorney in a Slip and Fall Case

Role of a McKinney Attorney in a Slip and Fall Case

If you have been injured in a slip and fall on another person or business’s property, you need experienced legal representation. The role of a McKinney attorney in a slip and fall case is to leverage resources and experience to recover full compensation for the plaintiff. Without a slip and fall lawyer on your side, it will be nearly impossible to obtain the full damage amount that you deserve.

Collecting Evidence

One of the most important roles of a slip and fall attorney is to collect evidence related to the claim. Without clear documentation of both the hazard that caused the plaintiff’s injury, and the medical treatment for those injuries, it will be nearly impossible to recover adequate compensation.

The first thing that a lawyer will likely do in a slip-and-fall case is preserve evidence and put people on notice of the claim. It is particularly important in slip-and-fall cases for a lawyer to put the defendant on notice of a claim, especially if it is a corporate entity, such as a store or a restaurant, to ensure that they do not destroy evidence. If the entity does destroy evidence after being put on notice, the destruction will likely be held against them in court later.

In certain situations, such as an uneven sidewalk outside of a business, an attorney may take pictures of the hazard as quickly as possible. Beyond that, the next thing lawyers do is just make sure the client is given the medical care they need and that their medical care is consistent.

Working With a law Firm as Opposed to a Solo Practitioner

Often, solo practitioners do not have the capability for slip and fall cases. What inevitably happens is that when somebody whose specialty is not catastrophic injury work or serious-injury work, those cases are delayed for no good reason. If those firms find a criminal case, a family law case, or any other case that has immediate needs and can generate immediate cash, it gets elevated and comes to the front of the line. As a result,  injury cases, especially slip and fall cases,  are delayed.

A firm that does only injury work, on the other hand, creates an entire system around these cases so that the case progresses from start to finish in a timely manner Many solo practitioners simply do not have the bandwidth to do that.  Many do not have access to adequate capital to work up the case properly or access to the appropriate experts, prior testimony of defense experts and all of the smaller things that can really enhance the value of the claim.

What to Look for in a Law Firm

In seeking a law firm to help with a slip and fall case in McKinney, the potential plaintiff should make sure that the law firm has the capacity to do the job. They should ask lawyers about their systems, such as how long a case normally takes, compared with other firms.

Another thing a client should look at is the history of the lawyers involved in the case, and what they have accomplished. Have they tried cases that received million-dollar-plus awards? It is important to do research when making a decision of who to hire to help you in a serious injury case.

Building a Relationship With a Slip and Fall Attorney

There are a lot of benefits to having a strong relationship between lawyer and client, especially if a case is going to trial. If the lawyer has spent time with the plaintiff, knows about the plaintiff’s family, understands what motivates them and what they are passionate about, it cannot help but show itself in front of the jury.

The role of a McKinney attorney in a slip and fall case is to leverage every piece of evidence possible to achieve a favorable outcome. Building a close relationship with the plaintiff is integral to that role. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation and learn about your legal options.

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