Murphy Child Injury Lawyer

Murphy Child Injury Lawyer

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentional injuries represent the leading cause of death among children one to 14 years old. Thousands of children pass away due to these accidents, devastating families across the country.

If you want to hold the proper parties accountable for injury to your child, you should gather all the information you can about pursuing legal reparation. Following harm to your child you should get in touch with a Murphy child injury lawyer. A compassionate injury attorney understands what your family is going through and could help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Criminal Liability for Injuring a Child

In Texas, someone who intentionally causes bodily or mental harm to a child under the age of 15 faces a third-degree felony charge, per Texas Penal Code § 22.004. Recklessly causing a serious injury results in a second-degree felony, and intentionally one results in a first-degree felony. Harm to minors also occurs by failing to act or omission.

Abandoning a child or placing them at risk of bodily or mental harm may also result in a criminal charge. In such a case, the perpetrator’s mental state during the act determines the level of the charge. People in Murphy thinking about filing charges for an injury to their child could learn more about the legal processes involved by consulting with a well-practiced lawyer.

Civil Actions for Injuring a Child

Whether or not it constitutes a crime, an action that causes injury to a minor may allow the child and their family to recover damages in a lawsuit. The time allowed for filing a civil lawsuit in Texas extends for two years from the date of the injury. Without an adult representative, a child may not file a civil action before they reach the age of maturity, so their two-year filing period begins when they turn 18. Family members may sue for harm they suffered from a child’s injury, and if the injury leads to death, they may file a wrongful death claim for any resulting damages they suffer.

Compensatory damages awarded in such cases may arise from economic as well as noneconomic harm. A claimant who receives them may also seek exemplary damages, which are awarded for punitive rather than compensatory reasons. Those who have suffered devastating losses due to their child being injured should consult with an experienced attorney in the area to discuss their legal options for recovery.

Seek Out a Skilled Child Injury Attorney in Murphy

When a child suffers an injury from the criminal or reckless acts of others, both they and their family have a right to seek justice and reimbursement for their losses. Economic damages, such as lost earnings and medical bills, and noneconomic damages, such as physical impairment and emotional anguish, are valid reasons for bringing a claim if the fault lies primarily with other parties.

Speaking with a Murphy child injury lawyer could resolve any uncertainty you have and ultimately alleviate burdens you no face. Do not hesitate to pursue legal recourse. Contact our office today and schedule your free case consultation.

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