Murphy Product Liability Lawyer

Murphy Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability lawsuit seeks compensation for injuries caused by a defective commercial product. To succeed in such an action, a person must show that they sustained foreseeable injuries from an error that existed when the product was in the control of a manufacturer or retail seller. In general, when a consumer product causes unforeseeable harm to the user, a manufacturer can be held accountable for losses, injuries, or deaths resulting from the defect.

People seeking compensation for harm caused by a defective product should recognize the types of defects that give rise to liability and permit recovery. If you suffered harm from a defective commercial product, you could gain a better understanding of how to file a lawsuit by speaking with a Murphy product liability lawyer. A qualified injury attorney in the area could review your case and gather the evidence needed to be successful.

Potential Defendants in a Defective Product Case

A claimant may bring a legal claim for product liability against a product manufacturer. However, if the court has no jurisdiction over the manufacturer, a person can bring a claim against a seller. Someone who prevails in such an action may seek compensation for any property damage, personal injury, or death caused by a defective commercial product, per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §§82.001 – 82.008  . Liability does not extend, however, to common products available for personal consumption and known to be inherently unsafe, such as sugar or tobacco.

If a consumer sues a seller for a manufacturer-caused defect that the seller did not know about or contribute to, the manufacturer must reimburse the seller for damages, fees, and expenses resulting from the lawsuit. To determine the benefits of filing a lawsuit, which parties to sue, and any potentially recoverable damages, someone in Murphy could seek assistance from a local product liability lawyer.

Losses Suffered from Defective Consumer Goods

Liability for a commercial defect may result from an injury that arises from a breach of warranty or a deficiency in design or manufacture. In a case involving breach, under Texas Business and Commerce Code §17.50, a consumer may seek compensation for damages when the violation of an express or implied warranty produces economic loss or mental anguish. Depending on the circumstances, a court may also provide other relief, such as the revocation of a business license.

To prevail in a claim for a design defect, a claimant must show that the defect produced the injury in question and that implementing a safer design option would not have compromised the product or required additional resources. A resident of Murphy who has sustained damage or injury from a product defect could look into the viability of a potential lawsuit by discussing their case with a local lawyer.

Speak with a Murphy Product Liability Attorney        

Product liability claims in Texas rest on an assortment of legal rules and exceptions that can be complicated. An attorney experienced with these types of cases could sort through the details and produce a practical strategy to pursue financial compensation.

If you believe that a product defect resulted in injury to you or your property, or in the death of someone you know, you may have grounds for collecting damages. Ask a Murphy product liability lawyer to assess your chances of a successful legal claim by calling today.

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