Rockwall Burn Injury Lawyer

Many injuries can result in pain, inconvenience, and hardship. Unquestionably, burn injuries are among the most excruciating kinds of injuries. Unlike most other injuries that heal over time, the pain of a burn can linger for months or even years. In addition, burns can result in scarring, leaving behind permanent reminders of the catastrophic damage.

When you or a loved one suffers a burn because of someone else’s wrongful actions, you might be entitled to pursue financial compensation. A Rockwall burn injury lawyer at McCraw Law Group could investigate your accident to see if filing a civil suit is viable.

How Burns Can Occur

While people often think of burns as only occurring from the flames of a fire, not all burns occur from building fires. Our qualified Rockwall attorneys have experience handling burn injuries resulting from a wide range of causes, including the following:

  • Fireworks
  • Chemicals
  • Explosions
  • Building fires
  • Industrial or factory accidents
  • Construction or other worksite accidents
  • Electrocutions and electrical malfunctions
  • Motor vehicle crashes that result in sparks or fires
  • Hot liquids – Some of the most serious injuries come from people spilling boiling liquids on their skin

Experienced legal professionals could review the details of an accident to learn precisely what went wrong and who could be legally to blame. They could carefully search for and comb through all available evidence, including police reports, manufacturing records, and medical records. In addition, they could skillfully question any eyewitnesses about what they saw or know to get the facts.

Complications That Can Follow Burn Injuries

When someone suffers a burn injury, their skin usually suffers the most damage. Because the skin contains blood vessels and regulates a person’s temperature and hydration levels, any damage to the skin can result in other complications.


Bacterial infections are particularly common following burns. With damage to the skin, an infection can enter a patient’s bloodstream and travel to different areas of their body.


People’s skin holds in moisture and helps their bodies stay hydrated. When their skin becomes damaged from severe burns, their body cannot retain sufficient fluid levels. They could suffer kidney and urinary complications, seizures, or other complications.


Serious burns over a wide area of a person’s skin could interfere with a patient’s ability to regulate their skin temperature. Some patients become susceptible to hypothermia.

Damage to Areas Underneath the Skin

Patients who suffer deep burns can also suffer damage underneath their skin layers to their nerves, muscles, tendons, bones, and even organs.


Even with extensive medical assistance, serious burns often leave permanent, disfiguring scars. Scar tissue can impair a person’s mobility. Scars can also interfere with a patient’s quality of life.

Our compassionate Rockwall lawyers understand how traumatic a burn injury can be. They could work closely with a burn injury survivor and their family to help them obtain a favorable damages award.

A Rockwall Burn Injury Attorney Could Help You Seek Justice

Burns can permanently alter your life. You might need extensive medical care and assistance throughout your lifetime. You might also be limited in your ability to work to support yourself and your family. A burn injury’s physical, financial, and mental toll can be immense.

Call a Rockwall burn injury lawyer at McCraw Law Group for sound legal advice. Learn how we could help you and your family heal.

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