McCraw Law Group First Responders Scholarship Winners

This year, we are proud to announce our 2023 scholarship winner, Owen Strouse! Read below to learn more about Owen:

2023 Winner: Owen Strouse

Hello, my name is Owen Strouse. I am from York, Pennsylvania, where I attended high school at Dallastown Area High School. I became a junior volunteer firefighter at 14 and have served my community as a member of the Yoe Fire Company alongside my father for almost 5 years. I am now a freshman at Lebanon Valley College, playing collegiate football and studying secondary education, focusing on history. Upon completing my degree in secondary education, I plan to teach history and coach football at my alma mater, Dallastown.
Reaction Statement:
I am beyond grateful that the McCraw Law Group chose me for the 2023 scholarship winner. I understand and believe many other candidates deserved it, but it is truly an honor to be selected among those people. As a first responder, I am grateful to represent my hometown and the people of my community, school, and fire company. This scholarship will allow me to make the next step in becoming a teacher and coach, touching many kids’ lives. I thank the McCraw Law Group for recognizing me with this scholarship. I will continue to serve my community amongst many other heroes.

We’re thrilled to share Owen’s scholarship-winning essay. To read what he had to say, visit his essay page.


2022 Winner: Daniel Schaefer

Dan Schaefer was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and lives in Sterling, Virginia with his wife and three children. Dan has been a Firefighter Paramedic in his hometown for over twenty years and is assigned to the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Public Safety Training Academy where he gets to mentor and shape the careers of new First Responders. Dan is completing a Master of Science in Engineering Management at the George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science. His academic focus is Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management. Dan’s objective is to use his acquired education to craft and enhance a public safety world that our children can dedicate their energies to for generations to come.

Reaction Statement:
I am so grateful that the McCraw Law Group selected me as the 2022 scholarship winner! I know there
are a lot of worthy qualified applicants, and it is an honor to be the person selected among this group. I
feel fortunate that this is another experience in my life where the Community has helped propel me into
a position to serve. My wife and I are balancing saving for our children’s education, working full time,
and picking up extra shifts to cover tuition while we go to school. This scholarship is a real blessing and
will help me to better focus on absorbing my education and training my brain to solve problems in new
ways to contribute to public safety. Thank you so much for this scholarship, and I am dedicated to
making the most of this resource and will pay the support and kindness forward in the future!

We were so happy with Daniel’s scholarship-winning essay. To read what he had to say, visit his essay page!


2021 Winner: Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez resides in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife and two sons. He has been a first responder for eight years and is passionate about helping his community. Michael is currently completing a Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology at Grand Canyon University. He hopes to work closely with first responders to advocate for first responder wellness and provide them with adequate mental and physical support to meet the demands of their careers and better serve their communities.

Reaction Statement: I am overjoyed to be selected as the recipient of the First Responders Scholarship from the McCraw Law Group. Being a first responder and having many friends who are first responders, I am passionate about finding adequate resources for the people who experience a great deal of trauma to protect others in times of crisis. I am grateful that the McCraw Law Group chose to support me in my education. Thank you so much for your support, McCraw Law Group.

We were so impressed with Michael Rodriguez’s scholarship-winning essay. To read what he had to say, visit his essay page!


2020 Winner: Shelby Landoll

Shelby Landoll was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She currently resides on the outskirts of Columbus with her husband who is a first responder and their energetic four-year-old son. She has been a registered nurse for ten years and feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to fulfill a variety of different roles throughout her career. She is currently pursuing my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Health Systems Executive Leadership. She hopes to one day erase the inequities and disparities facing our current healthcare system.

Reaction Statement: I cannot overstate my gratitude and appreciation for the McCraw Law Group for providing me with this amazing scholarship opportunity. This scholarship has allowed me to continue my dreams of making our healthcare system, and our nation, a better place for everyone. It means the world to me to be able to continue on the path towards achieving my goals, and this scholarship will help me to do just that. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

We were so impressed with Shelby Landoll scholarship-winning essay. To read what her had to say, visit her essay page!


2019 Winner: Samantha Everhart

I moved to Houston when I was 9 from California; I lived there until about nine years ago when I moved to the DFW area to accept an opportunity that expanded my career, and also happens to be where I met my husband. We have a five year old son in kindergarten, whom is full of life and has the kindest heart around. When I started my career in the medical field as an EMT/Paramedic 15 years ago I never thought I would have all the great opportunities I have had to get me where I am today, and am very thankful for them all. I currently attend the University of Texas at Arlington and am in my Master’s of Nursing Education program; I am set to graduate next December and plan to help educate future nurses.

Reaction Statement: I am elated that I won this scholarship! I applied to so many and had not heard anything, I was very surprised when my phone rang and was the recipient of this wonderful opportunity; I thought this was a great scholarship opportunity that showcases first responders. As a first responder we don’t expect to be recognized or thanked, we do what we do to help people-it’s our job and we love to do it.

We were so happy with Samantha Everhart scholarship-winning essay. To read what she had to say, visit her essay page!


2018 Winner: Taylor Adkins

My name is Taylor Adkins. I currently reside in Miami, Florida and I am a graduate student at the University of Miami. I am in my final year of studies working toward obtaining my Master’s of Science in Public Health. My career goal is to help ensure all people regardless of socioeconomic status receive healthcare equality. My biggest motivation in life is my infant son. He is the number one reason I work to create a better world for all of us.

Reaction Statement: I am beyond honored to receive this scholarship. There is no better feeling than having someone believe in me and my dreams. I found out I received this scholarship six days after giving birth to my healthy baby boy. It makes me feel amazing as a mother because I now know never to give up on my dreams. I will use this as motivation to propel me forward and ease financial strain with a little one. Thank you McCraw Law group for choosing to believe in me, it means more than you will ever know.

We were so impressed with Taylor Adkin’s scholarship-winning essay. To read what she had to say, visit her essay page!

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