Sherman Boat Accident Lawyer

Sherman Boat Accident Lawyer

Many people understand the obligations of drivers to protect other people they encounter while behind the wheel. However, it may surprise some people that boaters have the same obligations. A boater is just as liable when their actions cause an accident as a car or truck driver. This means that an individual who is injured in a boat accident has the same right to seek compensation for their losses as an injured driver or pedestrian.

Whether this injury occurred while piloting your own boat, as a passenger, as a kayaker, or as a swimmer, you have the right to seek reimbursement for your losses. A Sherman boat accident lawyer may be able to help. A well-versed attorney understands Texas law as it applies to boat accidents and could work to gather vital evidence to help build a strong claim.

Proving Boater Negligence in Sherman

Boaters have an obligation to protect anyone they may encounter while on the water. This includes other boaters, but also extends to their own passengers, swimmers, passengers in other boats, and even people on docks. If a boater takes an action that violates their obligation to care for others, and another person is injured in the incident, that boater may be civilly liable to provide compensation to the injured party.

This is called the theory of negligence and showing that the boater had this duty or obligation and failed to meet it are crucial to establishing negligence. The strongest way to prove a boater was negligent is to provide evidence that the defendant boater violated a rule of the water and caused an accident. However, any evidence that they were careless may also be able to establish this.

Time Limit to File a Claim

Even the most straightforward incident involving boater negligence may not result in a successful claim if a plaintiff does not act in time. A Texas law known as the statute of limitations strictly controls when a court can hear a case involving personal injury. Under Civ. Prac. & Rem Code, Title 2, Ch. 16, Sec. 16.003, plaintiffs must act within two years of the date of injury if they wish to demand compensation. Failing to file within this time limit could result in the case being barred. A Sherman boat accident attorney would try and ensure that a case is filed within the applicable time limits.

Typical Injuries Seen in Boat Accidents

The same hazards that can affect a car accident victim such as concussions, separated joints, and broken bones apply in boat accidents. However, they can be much more severe when the injury happens on the water. Injuries on the water can mean increased response times for emergency aid to arrive and could even result in an injured person drowning because of their injury.

A person injured by a negligent boater may be able to demand compensation for their losses. A thorough claim will often demand compensation for any medical costs associated with bringing them back to health. It may also demand payments for:

  • Any lost wages or reduced earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

A Sherman boat accident lawyer could work with victims, their doctors, and economic experts to determine the true impact of the accident upon their life. This can allow them to demand fair and full compensation.

How a Sherman Boat Accident Attorney Can Help

Accidents that occur on the water can have a devastating impact on the health, finances, and mental wellbeing of the victim. No matter the cause of the injury, a harmed individual has the right to demand compensation from an at-fault boater.

A dedicated Sherman boat accident lawyer could lead the way in demanding these payments. We may be able to help gather information concerning the accident, help you understand the relevant Texas laws, and protect you against aggressive insurance companies. There is only a short time to file a claim. Call us today to get started.

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