Sherman Car Accident Lawyer

One poor decision on the road can cause a car accident with devastating consequences. You may have been injured or lost a loved one due to another driver’s actions and now be facing years of recovery, lost wages, or mounting medical bills. However, know that you can pursue justice and hold the other driver accountable for their actions with the help of a skilled Sherman car accident lawyer.

A dedicated attorney has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and helping car accident victims get the justice they deserve. Let a competent attorney fight for you.

When to Pursue a Claim in Sherman

Car accidents range from fender benders to catastrophic, deadly accidents. In a more severe car accident that results in injuries, it is best to work with an attorney. A person may be able to seek compensation for their injuries in a claim if:

  • They sustained serious injuries
  • The accident resulted in a fatality
  • Multiple parties were involved in the accident
  • They received a questionable settlement offer from the insurance company
  • An uninsured motorist was involved in the accident

Attorneys who have experience dealing with car accidents in Sherman know the typical tactics employed by insurance companies. Their experience working for victims against insurance companies helps them negotiate fair settlements or pursue the matter further to help obtain just compensation.

Determining Fault in a Car Accident Case

Texas is a fault state, meaning that the driver who was the primary cause of the accident can be liable for injuries and damages caused by the accident. This means anyone injured in a car accident can pursue a claim against the at-fault driver, typically through their insurance company. The Texas Transport Code Section 601.051 requires Texas drivers to establish financial responsibility for their liability, typically through purchasing insurance.

It is best to begin the claims process for a car accident as soon as possible. Determining who is responsible for an accident can be extremely complicated. Often, the police and the insurance company will make their own assessment for fault. If the case goes to trial, the judge or a jury will determine fault.

The judge or jury will have to determine whether the defendant was negligent. A person is negligent if they fail to take ordinary caution under the circumstances. This determination can rely on many variables, and the jury will have to consider the evidence presented in determining whether the defendant was negligent. It is important to remember that just because the police report or the insurance company has determined someone is at fault for the accident, it does not mean the jury will find the same outcome. There are many legal considerations that an experienced car accident lawyer in Sherman could help assess.

Speak With a Sherman Car Accident Attorney Now

An unexpected car accident can change your life in an instant. If you have been involved in an accident resulting in injuries, consulting with a Sherman car accident lawyer who regularly deals with car accidents could provide you with legal guidance and counsel.

The insurance companies are difficult to deal with, and after an accident, you need to focus on healing. Let a dedicated lawyer work on your behalf and advocate for the compensation you deserve. Reach out to a skilled attorney at McCraw Law Group today to review your case.

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