Sherman Dog Bite Lawyer

Sherman Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog is the property of its owner, and that owner must take responsibility for their pet. This includes restraining their animal and protecting others from a potential attack. A failure to properly control an animal may open the dog’s owner to liability in the event of an attack. If a dog attacks and causes an injury, the injured person has the right to demand compensation.

A Sherman dog bite lawyer could help individuals who have been injured in dog attacks. We work to gather vital evidence in your claim, to help you understand Texas laws, and to demand compensation for all your losses. Due to the complexity of the dog bite laws in Sherman, it is important to consult a knowledgeable injury attorney if you are considering a claim.

Establishing Liability in Sherman

Texas is one of many states that does not have a specific dog bite statute. As a result, plaintiffs must examine the actions taken by the dog’s owner prior to the attack under the common law rules. The common law rule concerning dog bites is that an owner is only liable if their negligence led to the attack and if the owner knew that the dog had violent tendencies. However, there are several exceptions to this general rule.

Once a plaintiff can provide evidence that the dog’s owner knew of the animal’s violent past or that an exception applies, they may have to prove that the defendant was negligent in the handling of the animal. Any instance where the animal is outside the house and not on a leash can be proof of negligence. So too can evidence that the dog bit an authorized visitor onto land.

The other important consideration in filing a dog bite claim are the applicable time limits. Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem Code, Title 2, Ch. 16, Sec. 16.003 states that all cases for dog bites must be in court within two years of the date of injury. Any failure to meet this deadline could leave the plaintiff unable to collect compensation. In addition to working to establish clear liability, a Sherman dog bite attorney could help to try and ensure a case is pursued on time.

Potential Injuries from Dog Bites

Dog bites can result in serious injuries. Dogs’ mouths contain millions of bacteria that can infect the wound site and cause blood poisoning. Large animals possess strong jaws that have the potential to tear muscles, rip tendons, or even break bones, while smaller dogs also possess sharp teeth that can break skin and cause bleeding.

The medical care needed to treat a dog bite victim may be extensive. A dog bite claim can demand compensation for the full cost of treating these injuries. If someone is suffering any mental trauma connected to the incident, or has missed time at work to seek treatment, those losses could also be part of a claim.

Consult a Sherman Dog Bite Attorney

Pet owners have a legal duty to keep their animals under control. While Texas law does not always assume that a dog bite is the owner’s fault, there is still a strong case for the victim to receive compensation when a dog attacks.

A Sherman dog bite lawyer is here to help you hold negligent dog owners responsible for their actions. This can include demanding payment for medical bills and any other damages sustained in an attack. Do not delay in contacting a compassionate dog bite attorney to help you.

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