Sherman Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Sherman Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Though no one imagines suffering a spinal injury, it can be devasting when it occurs. A spinal injury may occur during everyday events, such as sports, or during an accident. Regardless of how you sustain an injury, it is possible to hold individuals accountable for the harm they caused.

A skilled Sherman spinal cord injury lawyer could help if you are seeking to recover for your damages. A well-versed catastrophic injury attorney may assist with filing a claim to help offset the staggering costs associated with spinal cord injury treatment and long-term care.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Any incident that causes trauma to the spinal column could lead to a serious spinal injury. Common causes of spinal injuries include:

Regardless of how a spinal injury was caused, it is possible that another party’s negligent action may have influenced the cause. Anyone unsure of their situation may wish to contact a skilled Sherman spinal cord injury lawyer to discuss their situation.

Damages Available for Victims

Typically, victims of spinal cord injuries will seek damages to offset injury-related costs and compensate for potentially avoidable suffering. Economic damages typically include medical expenses, physical therapy, or adapting a home or vehicle to accommodate an injured person’s new state. These are usually damages with a set dollar value.

Non-economic damages are generally more difficult to quantify. These include compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional anguish. Individuals may wish to consult a spinal cord injury attorney to help evaluate the cost of potential damages.

In some cases, the court may also choose to award punitive damages to the injured party. These are damages meant to punish a party whose actions were especially egregious. Texas limits the amount of punitive damage available. Generally, punitive damages will not exceed $200,000, or twice the value of awarded damages, depending on which is greater.

Negligence Law in Sherman

Texas adheres to a system of modified comparative negligence. This allows victims who may share a partial fault in their accident to still recover compensation, as long as they do not hold the majority of the fault. The percentage of fault a victim bears may alter the level of compensation they are eligible to receive.

Responsible parties may attempt to place additional fault onto the injured party to reduce compensation. For this reason, anyone considering a suit may wish to consult a Sherman spinal cord injury attorney with experience refuting claims of comparative negligence.

Contact a Sherman Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Holding a responsible party accountable for their wrongdoing can be empowering for many victims. A compassionate Sherman spinal cord injury lawyer could help a victim offset the cost of healing physically while a victim could find peace knowing justice is being pursued.

Whether your spinal cord injury is mild, moderate, or severe, a dedicated legal representative understands the challenges you may be facing. Contact our offices today to schedule a free case review. An attorney could discuss your injuries in depth and provide insight into a potential legal claim.

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