Sherman Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Sherman Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) account for roughly 2.5 million emergency room visits each year in the U.S. Victims of TBI may suffer from continuing problems related to cognitive functioning, drastically impacting employment eligibility, social relationships, behavior, and memory. Children, men, and the elderly are all at increased risks for TBIs.

Often, traumatic brain injuries can bring long periods of time away from work, decisions about long-term care, and the stress of medical bills. If you or someone you love experienced a traumatic brain injury, it may beneficial to have an experienced Sherman traumatic brain injury lawyer by your side while you decide how to proceed.

If you experienced a traumatic brain injury due to another’s negligence, it is possible that you may be eligible for compensation. Our dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys could investigate the cause of your accident, evaluate injuries, the impact on your life, and help you decide your next step.

Causes of Injury

Though a TBI may result from a single incident, they are more accurately classified as lifelong diseases. This is because, not only do they require complex treatment, treatment may vary over time. The unknown nature of TBI treatment is one of many reasons a victim may wish to consult with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney in Sherman.

Generally, all traumatic brain injuries involve a disruption to the brain’s normal processing, often caused by a strike on the head or an accident. Common traumatic brain injury causes include:

No matter the cause, a traumatic brain injury can dramatically impact an individual’s life. A compassionate Sherman traumatic brain injury attorney could shed light on liability, the legal processes behind filing a claim, and the potential for recovery.

What is Liability?

Those who contributed to a traumatic brain injury could be liable for the injured party’s suffering. Liability, or fault, generally occurs when one’s reckless or careless action causes another person injury. These parties may include entities such as universities, employers, and property or business owners who fail to warn customers about potential dangers.

Generally, successful TBI cases rely on demonstrating how another individual is liable. A traumatic brain injury attorney could conduct a thorough investigation to establish liable parties. They may examine police reports, medical records, or collect evidence to help prepare a positive case.

Though the long-term effects of a brain injury might not become apparent until well after the inciting accident, therefore, contacting a Sherman traumatic brain injury lawyer early on could be a key step to establishing liability.

Consult with a Skilled Sherman Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Victims may find holding a responsible party accountable can be empowering and provide closure. While nothing can fully restore a person to their previous state, there may be a chance to recover through the legal system. Reach out to our office for a free case review and to discuss any potential claims.

A Sherman traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to guide you through options for legal actions. They could provide understanding and insight so you can decide your next step.

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