The Colony Boat Accident Lawyer

The Colony Boat Accident Lawyer

Boat accidents carry risks similar to automobile collisions in many ways. When two watercrafts collide, the impact can resemble that of a car crash. However, boat wrecks carry unique risks, given that they occur on the water. In addition to the injuries from an impact, a boat crash can also lead to drowning.

Following a boat collision, a conversation with a dedicated personal injury attorney could be valuable. If you suffered injuries in The Colony, a boat accident lawyer could assist you in recovering compensation from the responsible party. An experienced attorney could review your claim and guide you through every step of the legal process.

Types of Watercraft Accidents in The Colony

There are many different types of watercraft accidents in Texas. Each of them occurs under unique circumstances and for a variety of reasons. A skilled attorney in The Colony could evaluate the circumstances surrounding a boat wreck to determine not only its cause but also the person responsible for causing it.

Many boating accidents result from two vessels colliding. While these collisions can occur for numerous reasons, most often they are the result of human error. For example, an intoxicated or inexperienced boater could fail to see another watercraft in its path. In other cases, a boater could engage in risky behavior like traveling at high speed through a no-wake zone. In any of these cases, the negligent acts of a boat operator could leave them liable for any injuries that occur.

Some boat wrecks involve only a single vessel. They can occur when the operator fails to notice a submerged object navigates too close to shore. When a boat operator negligently strikes a fixed object, they could be legally responsible for the injuries of any passengers on the boat.

Other single boat accidents might have nothing to do with the operator. For example, a mechanical defect could cause a boat to take in water or sink through no fault of anyone on board. Additionally, a boat passenger could negligently cause another person to fall overboard and suffer injuries. It is imperative to know the correct defendant when filing a boat wreck claim in The Colony with the help of a qualified lawyer.

Compensation in a Boat Crash Claim

The compensation a claimant might recover in a boat wreck case falls into two broad categories. These categories are known as economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are tangible, financial losses. They have an exact dollar value that corresponds to the out-of-pocket costs a claimant might face. These costs could include boat repair bills, medical bills, or lost wages.

Non-economic damages compensate a claimant for subjective, intangible losses. These losses do not have a fixed quantity, making it more difficult to prove their value at trial. Examples of these types of losses include pain and suffering, the loss of consortium, or disfigurement. An attorney in The Colony could help someone injured in a boating accident calculate their non-economic losses.

Speak with Boat Accident Attorney from The Colony

If you sustained bodily harm in a watercraft collision in The Colony, a boat accident lawyer could help you seek monetary compensation through the legal system. A determined attorney could review your case, collect and preserve important evidence, and advise you on the best steps to take for your unique case. Call now to get in touch with an accomplished legal team.

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