The Colony Bus Accident Lawyer

The Colony Bus Accident Lawyer

For some, a bus is a convenience that offers an economical travel option. For others, city buses are an essential method of transportation. Due to the large number of residents that ride on these buses, many citizens are at risk of injury if the bus operators are negligent.

A careless or reckless bus driver could cause a dangerous collision with other motorists, cyclists, or even pedestrians. Given the size of these buses, the potential for devastating injuries is high. If you or a loved one were involved in a public transportation collision in The Colony, a bus accident lawyer might be able to help. A dedicated injury attorney could review your case and determine if you have grounds for a civil claim.

Who is Responsible for a Bus Wreck?

When an attorney in The Colony reviews a bus accident claim, one of their first steps is to identify the party or parties at fault. It is impossible to move forward with these claims without first identifying the potential defendants in a lawsuit.

In many cases, the driver of a bus could be primarily responsible for an accident. Bus operators are not infallible, and even a minor mistake behind the wheel could result in a catastrophic collision. Bus drivers can cause accidents by violating the rules of the road, driving while fatigued, or operating the bus under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The company or government entity that owns the bus might also face civil liability after a wreck. These entities have a duty to ensure the vehicle is in working order, and the operator is not a danger behind the wheel. Negligence in the hiring or maintenance department could result in civil liability for the bus owner. If the bus driver negligently caused the accident while working within the scope of their employment, the busy company could also face liability under a theory known as respondeat superior.

Other potential defendants in a bus accident case might include:

  • State or local governments
  • Bus passengers
  • Mechanics
  • Bus manufacturers

Identifying the prospective defendants in a bus crash lawsuit is only the first step. To recover compensation, a claimant and an attorney must also identify the damages available.

What Damages are Recoverable after a Public Transportation Accident?

A person involved in a bus accident could recover multiple types of compensation through a successful injury lawsuit. These types of compensation could include: lost wages, vehicle repair costs, and medical bills.

Lost Wages

Many people injured in a collision with a public transportation vehicle are too hurt to return to work right away. When this is the case, they could pursue damages for the paychecks they missed out on due to the bus crash.

Vehicle Repair Costs

Motorists that collide with buses often see their vehicles sustain massive damage. While it is possible to repair these vehicles in some cases, they are frequently a total loss. A successful claim could result in compensation to repair or replace a damaged vehicle.

Medical Bills

A claimant could also seek to recoup the cost of their medical treatment. This could include the cost of emergency room treatment, follow-up visits, surgical procedures, medical devices, or therapy.

A compassionate attorney in The Colony could help someone injured in a bus crash calculate their total damages. With strong legal guidance, a claimant could ensure they are properly compensated for their losses.

How a Bus Accident Attorney in The Colony Could Help

From identifying the responsible party to compiling proof of damages, a qualified attorney could play a major part in your injury claim. By working with a skilled attorney, you might recover the level of compensation you need to preserve your quality of life.

If you or a loved one suffered severe harm in The Colony, a bus accident lawyer could help you. Schedule your free case consultation today.

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