The Colony Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

The Colony Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

From injuries to illnesses, many rely on medications suggested by their doctor to treat their condition. These medications could come in prescription form or be sold over the counter. Unfortunately, some hazardous medications can do more harm than good.

If you have suffered harm due to an unsafe medication in The Colony, a dangerous drug lawyer could help you seek legal recourse. With the help of an experienced injury attorney, you could hold the responsible party accountable for the harm they caused you.

What Causes Medications to Be Hazardous?

The first thing a well-practiced lawyer in The Colony would look for is what caused the medication to become unsafe for use. Medicines typically become hazardous due to defective manufacturing, harmful side effects, or defective marketing.

Defective Manufacturing

A defective manufacturing claim points to a mistake made at any point in the manufacturing process that resulted in the medication becoming harmful. This process begins during the design phase and ends at the point a product reaches the consumer. Defects could occur from mechanical malfunctions, human error, or a combination of the two.

Harmful Side Effects

While many of them are minor, every drug has side effects. These side effects include any impact a drug has on a patient’s body beyond its intended effect. Many side effects are minor, including dry skin or aching muscles. Others can be far more severe.

A civil claim could arise if a person suffers harmful, unexpected side effects from taking a drug. The drug companies could face liability if they fail to carefully test their product on a wide range of people and fail to notice a dangerous side effect.

Defective Marketing

Defective marketing claims relate to the warnings and instructions that come with medication. Pharmaceutical companies are only held responsible for defects that harm a person that took the drug as intended. If the instructions are so unclear it is impossible to know how to take a drug, a manufacturer could face liability for any injuries that occur as a result.

Who is Liable for an Unsafe Drug?

It is not uncommon for unsafe medication lawsuits to target the companies that manufacture the substance in question. It is important to note that they represent only one potential defendant a dangerous drugs case.

Typically, claims involving defective manufacturing or dangerous side effects of a drug involve the pharmaceutical company. That said, any third parties including testing labs that share in the responsibility for missing a defect could also be defendants in these cases.

There is a wide range of potential defendants for a defective marketing claim. These lawsuits involve not only the language on the packaging of a drug, but any misrepresentation about its strength or uses. This means an attorney in The Colony could file a hazardous drugs lawsuit against a doctor or pharmacist that misrepresented the substance, as well.

Call a Dangerous Drugs Attorney from The Colony As Soon As Possible

From identifying potential defendants to building a winning claim, your attorney could play an important part in your harmful medicine case. If you were harmed by a medication in The Colony, a dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold the responsible parties liable for their negligence. Call today and schedule a case evaluation to learn more.

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