A man and woman looking at a car collision
What Do I Do if I’m Found At-Fault in an Accident?
What does at-fault mean? Texas is one of the 38 at-fault states. So, what does that mean? It means if you are involved in an accident in Texas someone will be declared at-fault. This most...
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Father and son walking across a busy street
An Unlikely Effect of the Pandemic: Rising Pedestrian Fatalities
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States had seen an increase in pedestrian deaths at the hands of motorists. While many people have minimized their driving time due to varied restrictions there are...
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A woman holding her head.
Is it All in Your Head?
"It's all in your head." There are few statements in the world that feel more demeaning and demoralizing than that one. You're experiencing pain, yet because you show no visible signs of injury or illness,...
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A doctor with his hands on an injured woman's back.
When Another Adds Injury to Injury
Those injured by accidents sometimes mistakenly believe that their prior injury or other preexisting condition weakens their personal-injury claim over a new accident. The opposite is true. What clients sometimes assume is a weak case...
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a woman counseling a man
Healing from Trauma: Physically and Mentally
An whether you have a car accident, slip and fall at work, or a product you trust fails and you sustain an injury is always traumatic. You have suffered some sort of sudden impact that...
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man in a wheelchair holding his head in pain
How to Avoid Accidently Aggravating Your Injury During Recovery
The road to recovery is paved with numerous hurdles, difficult challenges, and unexpected setbacks. Injuries can disrupt your life and cause even simple everyday tasks to be a painful burden. If you’re recovering from a...
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