Celina Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Celina Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis refers to a physical state in which a person is unable to use specific limbs or regions of their body due to significant injury inflicted upon their nervous system. While there are numerous causes of paralysis, one of the most common is severe damage to the spinal cord. Paralysis can take a variety of forms and, in some cases, can completely rob an individual of the use of their extremities. A Celina paralysis injury lawyer might be able to help you recover compensation if someone else’s negligence caused you to become paralyzed.

When the carelessness of another individual is responsible for your injuries, you may be able to hold them legally liable for damages. You could recover compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other losses in a successful claim for recovery. A seasoned injury attorney could fight for your rights at every phase of the legal process, whether by negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company for a just settlement or presenting your case before a civil court.

Are There Different Types of Paralysis?

There are two main categories of paralysis — complete and incomplete. As the name suggests, complete paralysis occurs when the individual suffers a total loss of mobility or sensation in the affected area. However, a person who has incomplete paralysis would still retain some sensation and/or movement in the impacted region of the body.

The paralysis may impact a specific region of the body, or it may affect large areas, such as multiple limbs. The scope of the individual’s paralysis is dependent on what part of the body is damaged. Paraplegia involves paralysis that extends from the waist down, while quadriplegia is the paralysis of all four extremities.

A person who has monoplegia is paralyzed in a specific extremity, such as one leg. If an individual is paralyzed on an entire side, they would be considered a hemiplegic.

Proving Fault in a Celina Paralysis Injury Claim

For someone to recover damages in a paralysis injury claim, a Celina attorney would be required to prove the claimant’s case based on the negligence doctrine. The negligence doctrine contains four, separate elements:

  • A duty
  • A breach of that duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

For instance, a physician owes their patients a legal and professional duty to exert reasonable care when providing them treatment. If the physician’s treatment falls below the standard of care for the medical field, they may be found to have breached their duty. However, merely proving that the physician breached their professional duty would not be enough for the claimant to secure an award of damages.

The physician’s breach must have been the direct and proximate cause of the patient’s injuries, and they must have suffered compensable losses (i.e., medical bills, lost income, etc.) for them to claim civil damages. When the negligence of another party causes someone’s paralysis, whether that party is a careless doctor, reckless driver, or otherwise, an attorney would work diligently on their behalf to establish clear liability and fight for the compensation the individual deserves for their injuries.

Timeline to File a Civil Case

People who become paralyzed have two years from the date they are injured to file a claim, as stated in Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. However, there may be exceptions that could extend the two-year deadline.

A Celina paralysis injury attorney could advise a claimant regarding any exceptions that could apply to their case and ensure they file their claim within the appropriate time limits.

Call a Celina Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

A Celina paralysis injury lawyer could help you pursue all compensation you may be entitled to from the party or parties responsible for your injuries. It is imperative to have committed legal representation on your side from the very beginning to maximize your chances of a successful claim. Call now to set up your no-obligation, confidential case consultation.


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