Denton Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Denton Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Paraplegia occurs with loss of sensation below the waist, which can cause unexpected complications. It can have a distressing effect on your personal life, employment, and financial health. Paraplegia is usually a result to damage of the spinal cord or lower back—typically in a traumatic accident. Many causes may exist and when they are the result of a defendant’s negligent action, you may be eligible for restitution to help you recover.

After suffering this serious injury, a qualified Denton paraplegia injury lawyer could investigate your case and present it to seek compensation. Pursuing compensation with the help of a compassionate paralysis attorney could be a vital step in recovering.

Location of Spinal Cord Damage and Paraplegia

Trauma to the spinal cord is one of the most common reasons a person becomes paralyzed below the waist. The location of this injury often has a direct impact on where the paralysis begins and its severity.  This trauma can occur through many causes, but it is the location of the injury that very often dictates the extent of the possible harm.

A spinal cord injury may be complete or incomplete. An incomplete injury results in damage to the spinal cord, but not a total tear. Paraplegia is certainly possible in these situations, but a complete injury is very likely to cause paralysis below the torn area. Injuries to the lower back—such as the Thoracic, Lumbar, and Sacral regions of the spine—very often result in paraplegia. These injuries can have a major consequence on an injured party’s ability to live a normal life. If the paraplegia injury can be connected to someone else’s negligence, a knowledgeable Denton lawyer may be able to seek damages for losses incurred.

Other Causes of Paraplegia

While spinal cord injuries are a common reason for paraplegia injuries, they are far from the only possible cause. Other potential causes may include:

  • Infections that lead to nerve or spinal cord damage
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Oxygen deprivation during childbirth
  • Impact trauma
  • Traumatic brain injuries

These causes could each be the result of a person’s or company’s negligence. If so, a competent attorney could file a personal injury claim to help the injured person pursue the compensation they deserve.

Symptoms of a Paraplegia Injury

Symptoms of a paraplegia injury can range in severity depending on each person’s unique situation. The effects it may have on a person’s life can vary greatly depending on the symptoms the injured party faces. These may include:

  • Loss of feeling and movement below the waist
  • Phantom pains and other feelings
  • Loss of sexual feeling or function
  • Difficulty with bladder or bowel function
  • Secondary infections and bedsores
  • Chronic pain in other areas
  • Mood changes and depression

These symptoms may entitle the injured party to compensatory damages under state personal injury law. Different types of monetary damages—defined by Texas Code § 41.001—may help compensate the injured person after a proactive attorney in Denton successfully proves the paraplegia injury claim.

Speak with a Paraplegia Injury Attorney in Denton

Paraplegia injuries are severe and can have a lasting effect on your health. While for a few it may be temporary, for most this is a permanent affliction that will forever change their lives. Either way, this major injury may entitle you to a substantial monetary award after a successfully proven personal injury claim.

To seek the compensation you deserve, reach out to a skilled Denton paraplegia injury lawyer today.

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