Denton Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer

Denton Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer

When a person loses the voluntary use of their upper and lower extremities, this severe injury can greatly affect their entire life. Quadriplegia is typically caused by some type of significant trauma to the body, especially in the area of the neck and back. Spinal cord damage and brain injury may lead to this severe form of paralysis. When it is the result of a defendant’s negligence, you might be entitled to major compensation from a personal injury lawsuit.

Pursuing damages following a severe injury requires the experience, skill, and significant training of a knowledgeable paralysis attorney. With a qualified Denton quadriplegia injury lawyer at your side, you may pursue monetary compensation.

What is Quadriplegia?

A quadriplegia injury occurs when paralysis affects from a claimant’s neck down. It can include the chest, arms, and legs. As the spinal cord or brain is unable to control the areas below the neck, the injured party may experience symptoms that include the following:

  • The inability to breathe on their own
  • Loss of sensation below the neck
  • Loss of motor function in most of the body
  • Loss of sexual function and feeling
  • Inability to control bowels
  • Loss of daily life functionality

Those who suffer from quadriplegia are unable to care for themselves and often require around the clock attention. This can be expensive and a major impediment to a functional life, which is why an injured party needs a motivated attorney in Denton to advocate for them to receive damages for the effects of their quadriplegia.

Quadriplegia Causes

Quadriplegia can happen in a variety of ways but is typically caused by some type of traumatic accident to the spinal cord. This very often occurs in motor vehicle collisions. The high speeds and force of a car accident can destroy important areas such as the spinal cord and vertebrae.

Other forms of harm that could lead to such an injury might include:

  • Damage to the cervical spinal cord
  • Medical negligence during a surgery or treatment
  • Defective prescription medications
  • Improperly manufactured products and food poisoning
  • Premises liability accidents and falls
  • Assaults or other intentional harms

No matter the reason for an individual’s quadriplegia, if the blame rests with a negligent defendant, they may have the right to file a personal injury claim and seek financial remuneration.

Statute of Limitations in a Denton Quadriplegia Claim

The Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code § 16.003 imparts a two-year limitations period for personal injury claims, which will encompass most types of quadriplegia lawsuits. These claims must be filed within that two-year time limit or they could be barred as untimely. When this occurs, the injured party is unable to collect damages even if they would have been entitled to recovery had the claim been brought within the applicable time frame.

A prospective claimant should contact a dedicated attorney quickly after an accident that causes their quadriplegia injury. The earlier an attorney is able to get started, the better.

Turn to a Quadriplegia Injury Attorney in Denton

Your case is entitled to careful attention and research to determine what damages may be available to you. An investigation of your claim may help determine your eligibility for financial compensation from a responsible defendant.

To begin your claims process, reach out to an experienced Denton quadriplegia injury lawyer.

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