Lewisville Burn Injury Lawyer

Lewisville Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns can leave you with painful physical and psychological scars in addition to substantial financial burdens. Depending on the severity of your burns, you may be facing permanent disability that may prevent you from working or engaging in hobbies.

A skilled Lewisville burn injury lawyer could help you recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit against the people responsible for causing your burn. By working with a dedicated local attorney, you could improve your chances of a favorable recovery award.

Burn Severity Based on Degree

Burn injuries are classified according to their severity and are labeled as follows:

  • First-degree burns — mostly superficial wounds that cause redness and damage to the first layer of skin and often heal on their own without leaving permanent scars or other damage
  • Second-degree burns — often blister and leave permanent scars and usually require medical assistance as they impact the first two layers of skin
  • Third-degree burns — impact all layers of the skin and also destroy underlying tissue, usually requiring extensive surgical intervention, such as skin grafts
  • Fourth-degree burns — often fatal, these burns penetrate all layers of the skin, tissue, muscles and bones

Lewisville courts generally award more damages to people who have sustained more severe burn injuries, which is why it is critical to meet with a local attorney as soon as possible after a burn. Early involvement by a seasoned lawyer in the area could help a burn survivor secure sufficient compensation.

Dedicated attorneys could help someone who has been burned assess all of their injuries and losses. This could be done by speaking with doctors and reviewing their medical records to see what kind of challenges the claimant might face in the future due to their burns.

Common Causes of Burns in Lewisville

There are a variety of circumstances that could result in someone suffering a burn injury. For instance, people in Lewisville can suffer life-changing burns in car crashes due to friction or fires from gas leaks and exposed wires. Other people sustain scalding injuries in the kitchen from spilling a hot drink or other boiling liquid.

Some burns occur due to explosions or electric shocks from faulty wiring. Hazardous chemicals and other dangerous products can also cause chemical burns or start fires. Radiation burns can arise from too much sun exposure, and even medical radiation treatments can lead to serious burns.

Skilled Lewisville lawyers understand how to investigate burn accidents. They would comb through all available evidence to determine what caused the accident and to see if anyone bears liability for these injuries. Parties that could potentially bear liability for a burn injury include homeowners, businesses, at-fault drivers, employers, restaurants, and product manufacturers.

Contact a Lewisville Burn Injury Attorney Right Away

Suffering a severe burn can drastically impact your quality of life. If you or a loved one were burned due to the negligent conduct of another, you could have grounds for civil litigation. An experienced Lewisville burn injury lawyer could review your case, help gather important evidence, and represent your best interests during settlement negotiations or trial. Call now to schedule your free case evaluation.

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