McKinney Car Accidents Involving Cell Phones

Cell phones have made it easier for people to stay in contact with each other, however, cell phones also made it easier for people to get distracted and have an accident. To prevent drivers from causing wrecks, laws have been put in place regarding cell phone usage while driving. If you have been injured in a car wreck that was caused by someone who was on their phone, contact a seasoned car accident attorney who is experienced handling McKinney car accidents involving cell phones cases. Call today to schedule a consultation and see how a lawyer could help you recover from your injuries. En Español.

Laws Regulating the Use of Cell Phones

Laws regulating the use of cell phones in Texas recently changed. Until September of 2017, it was completely lawful to use a mobile device any way the driver saw fit. As a result, there were a massive number of car collisions on the roads in Texas. Over the last few legislative sessions, bills have been advanced and failed or stalled, that sought to make the law safer.

There was then a beginning of local ordinances passed in various cities across the state to prevent car accidents involving cell phone usage. Eventually, during the special legislative session that was held in the summer of 2017, the state finally passed a law that takes the place of any city ordinances that were in effect throughout the state. Now and going forward in Texas, a person cannot use a mobile device that is not hands-free for texting or talking while driving.

Using Cell Phones for Emergencies

The exception for texting or talking on the cell phone while driving is during emergencies. A person is allowed to call emergency care providers in the event of a wreck or for perhaps other emergencies. The law is brand new, therefore, it is hard to know exactly how it is going to be enforced. The hope is that the law is going to reduce the number McKinney car accidents involving cell phones.

Using Hands-Free Devices

Under the new cell phones law, a person is able to operate their vehicle and talk on the phone if their device is hands-free. A person may also use a hands-free texting device that converts voice to text. An example of a hands-free device is using Bluetooth. Non-hands-free devices used for surfing the internet are specifically prohibited because the person’s eyes are not on the road and it could lead to a wreck.

Whether it is hands-free or not hands-free, use a mobile device as a GPS is not prohibited. It is not prohibited even though they are still looking down at the device to figure out where they are going. However, someone who caused an accident while looking at their GPS could be found negligent for the wreck.

Cellphone Use Laws for Novice Drivers in McKinney

Wireless devices, cell phones primarily, are not allowed if the driver is either under 18 or has had a driving learner’s permit for six months or less. Due to the inexperience novice drivers have, it is even more essential that they are 100 percent focused on the road.

If you have been injured in any McKinney car accidents involving cell phones, call a lawyer today. An attorney could fight by your side to ensure that you are able to recover the damages you deserve following your wreck.

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