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Statistics indicate that up to 40% of all collisions that are not highway collisions are from failing to yield on left turns. If your damages were caused by a negligent driver, know that a professional McKinney failure to yield accident lawyer could help fight for your deserved compensation. Read on to learn more about how a skilled auto collision attorney could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

McKinney Yielding Laws

If someone has a yield sign, they must yield to traffic on the other roadway. The rules of the road determine that if one driver is going from a private driveway onto a public road, they are supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. In general, if someone is going from a smaller road to a bigger road, they should yield to cars in the lane they are merging into.

This is particularly important if the larger road constitutes a busy highway. An individual is also supposed to yield if they are exiting a highway onto a service road. Failure to comply with these rules of the road can lead to accidents with potentially significant injuries. Know that these individuals can be held accountable for their actions with the help of an experienced McKinney failure to yield accident lawyer on one’s side.

What Constitutes the Right of Way in McKinney?

The right of way is defined by the Texas Transportation Code. Road signs often dictate who has the right of way. If an individual does not have a sign or other traffic control device, a small road yields to the bigger road, the private road yields to the public road, and the public driveway yields to the road. It is always the smaller yielding to the bigger road because larger roads are designed to carry more traffic at a higher rate of speed. This gives everybody on the road the best chance of traveling.

One failure to yield situation that results in an inordinate number of wrecks is when people do not yield when turning left across traffic. Some of these roads have protected left arrows at intersections while others do not. If one does not have a protected green left arrow and is facing a flashing yellow arrow, it is their duty to yield to the oncoming traffic and not to turn left in front of them. A dedicated McKinney failure to yield accident lawyer can work to establish the liability of individuals who commit these actions by gathering evidence and making a strong case in a plaintiff’s favor.

What do Insurance Companies Look for in Failure to Yield Accidents?

The insurance may pay close attention to the events leading up to the accident as well as where the accident took place. For example, in cases where there was a warning mark in the form of a yield sign or a flashing yellow light, the insurance companies may look at that as concrete evidence that the driver was a victim of someone’s failure to yield.

However, in cases where someone may have been pulling out of a driveway or neighborhood road, the insurance companies may be forced to investigate the legitimacy of the person’s claim since there are no signs or road markers telling drivers to yield.

Cases Unique to McKinney Roads

An aspect unique to McKinney failure to yield cases, especially in Collin County, is that all of the roads are not running north, south, east or west. Highway 380 runs east to west. Highway 75 runs north to south. But there’s a section of 121 that runs from the northeast to the southwest across Melissa and up to Trenton. The reason that that is important is because a lot of the other roads that intersect it are still intersecting at north, south, east and west. As a result, the intersections are not 90-degree intersections–they are intersections at different angles. Most drivers’ perceptions are set for intersections are at 90 degrees. When this angle is changed, the distance between turning drivers and oncoming traffic is shortened, in turn making it more dangerous.

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