McKinney Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

If your child has been in a car wreck, know that a professional McKinney teen driving accident lawyer can assist you and your child throughout the personal injury process in order to receive compensation for their resulting damages. A determined injury attorney can ensure that your teen’s rights are protected throughout a case, and are not taken advantage of in a settlement or court proceeding. Read on to learn more about how a qualified McKinney teen driving accident lawyer can work for you today.

When Can a Teenager Start Driving?

Normally, without any special permission, an individual can start driving at age 16 in Texas. Most teenage drivers get these special permissions to have a driver’s license or to have a learner’s permit. A learner’s permit allows a driver as young as 14 or 15 to drive as long as there is an adult in the front seat of the car with them. In other words, it gives individuals the ability to train young people to drive.

To be eligible for the driver’s license, one has to attend a driving course. That driving course goes on for a number of weeks. It requires both time in class, teaching the drivers the rules of the road to keep all parties safe, and actual driving in traffic. In addition to that, the parents and the child have to log a number of hours to be eligible to get the certificate that will allow them to take the class. However, even with these safety precautions in place, teens still get into accidents regularly. For this reason, it can be significant to have a professional McKinney teen driving accident lawyer on one’s side.

McKinney Teen Driving Laws

There are a few differences in driving laws concerning teens on the road compared to adults. For instance, Texas’ law of use on cellular devices does not allow a teen to use a cellular device at all while driving, but it does allow grown-ups to use cellphones as long as they are hands-free. They may also briefly look down at their GPS. Those laws have criminal implications in the form of Class C misdemeanors, which means that they only result in fines.

These are significant for the prosecution of personal injury cases because when a criminal law is violated and results in the injury of another individual, the prosecution can plead a special type of case called a negligence per se case. That gives a special instruction to the jury that acts as an enhanced standard. It makes it easier to prove the negligence part of the case. This ultimately gives a McKinney teen driving accident lawyer more leverage and more ammunition in the event that they do go to a jury trial as opposed to a settlement. Reach out to a skilled injury attorney to learn more.

The Role of a McKinney Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

Experience is a big quality to look for in a McKinney teen driving accident lawyer. Having a wealth of experiences is important in creating the wisdom to make sure that the practical effects of the teen being the driver are something that will be considered. For this reason, parents of teens in car accident cases should look for those qualities if their children find themselves in a wreck. Consider reaching out to a dedicated McKinney teen driving accident lawyer today in order to protect the best interests of your child.

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