McKinney Teen Driving Accident Risks

McKinney Teen Driving Accident Risks

If you are concerned about McKinney teen driving accident risks, know that a professional injury attorney could help educate you about the facts and statistics surrounding teen accidents as well as the best ways to prevent them. Ages 16 to 21 can be dangerous for many young individuals as they receive their licenses and begin trying alcohol. Read on to learn more about the different McKinney teen driving accident risks, as well as the ways a dedicated lawyer could represent your best interests today.

Locations for Teen Accidents

Common locations for teen driver accidents are very close to schools, often where schools intersect highways. Specific examples include Highway 5 near the Melissa High School and Anna High School, Highway 380 not far from McKinney North, or some other high schools in Allen on Highway 5 and on Highway 75. Those are common locations because these young drivers are becoming more comfortable behind the wheel and may start making decisions to impress their peers rather than safely getting from point A to point B. McKinney teen driving accident risks could include participating in dangerous behaviors like peeling out and drifting around a corner can result in accidents with severe consequences.

Distracted Driving

The most commonly seen McKinney teen driving accident risks are risks of distracted driving. There is a lot of cellphone use. There is a lot of texting, a lot of surfing the internet while they are driving. Even though it is strictly prohibited and has been, a lot of teens feel that they can do it and some teens see their parents doing it and feel that it is simply not right for their parents to tell them not to text and drive while those parents do it. But the bottom line is that such activity is not safe for anybody when behind the wheel, whether they are a parent or a child.

The Importance of Alcohol Education

Other McKinney teen driving accident risks involve intoxicated driving. Local law enforcement sees a number of young people in their upper teens or early 20s experimenting with alcohol and not knowing the effect it is going to have on them. Some, of course, get themselves in trouble with alcohol and are afraid to call a parent or leave their car. For this reason, parents need to be very proactive about educating their children on drinking and driving, as well as making their teen feel safe to call them in the event that they do find themselves in a situation in which they have made bad choices and have had some alcohol to drink.

They need to set the example by not using their cellphone, not having it glued to their ear while they are driving around town, and not checking texts. They need to show their children by their example what not to do and then they need to hold them accountable to not do those particular actions. If you are concerned about the McKinney teen driving accident risks in regards to your child’s safety, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified collision attorney today to learn more.

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