Steps to Take Following a McKinney Uber Accident

If you were involved in a car wreck while riding in an Uber, it is essential that you not only receive the proper medical care but also understand what steps to take after the incident. A seasoned attorney can assist you with the proper steps to take following a McKinney Uber accident. It is important to know how to gather evidence to prove your case and legal counsel can help you with that. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a lawyer who can guide you through the recovery of the accident and could possibly get you the compensation you deserve.

Filing a Police Report

Like any other wreck, it is important if somebody is injured or feels that they might be injured to make sure they get a police report. Law enforcement has a duty to respond and a person involved in a wreck needs to be adamant. When no police report is made, memories can change from what actually happens. If no police report is filed, the Uber driver that caused the wreck could blame the accident on someone who was not even there. A police report is one of the crucial steps to take following an Uber accident in Mckinney because it is a way to preserve the evidence to prove who was liable for the accident.

Digital Evidence

Following an accident, it is important that the injured person keeps all their cellphone records and credit card receipts to prove the driver was a hired driver. Knowing how the Uber driver was operating the vehicle, how long they have been on call, and how long they have been taking fares, is valuable information for court. By hiring an attorney, the plaintiff will have someone with the knowledge of preserving that type of evidence and how to get attention from the ride-sharing app company.

Hiring an Attorney

An individual who was in a car wreck should obtain a lawyer as soon as possible because the attorney is going to know how to protect the evidence for the injured person’s case. If someone waits too late to call a lawyer, the evidence from the wreck could be gone. A lawyer could make sure Uber is going to conserve the evidence because if the case does go to trial, the judge can let the jury know that evidence has been intentionally destroyed. This is called spoliation instruction. Attorneys for companies like Lyft and Uber do not want that to happen because it could harm their case.

A qualified lawyer is going to know the exact steps to take following a McKinney Uber accident. When the lawyers get an emergency call, they know exactly what to do. They plan in advance to be ready for all types of situations. It is vital to hold the responsible person accountable for your injuries and an attorney could assist with proving that. If you or a loved one has been in a car wreck, call today to schedule a consultation.

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Zane Allen
Zane Allen
04:39 18 Dec 19
I was in an accident in March and had injuries resulting from the crash. Obviously my first call was to a doctor to get... checked out but was told I was going to need physical therapy. My second call was to the McCraw Law Group. They took care of all of the grunt work so that all I had to focus on was getting better. They were very communicative about the process, and better yet, they were incredibly responsive to any emails, calls, and questions. I was very appreciative and thankful for all of their hard work. They are a great group of people to work with when you’re needing the help.read more
Elisa Dean
Elisa Dean
15:38 16 Dec 19
I recommend The Mccraw Law Group to anyone who is hurt in an accident.My experience has been wonderful. They do the... best they can to get the most from the insurance company. My communications have been with Vanessa, Suzanne and Jason.Jason is very special to me. He understood my needs and was very caring and the sweetest attorney I have ever met. He was honest and did everything he could to bring my case to a conclusion.Vanessa and Suzanne are very sweet and are there to help every step of the way.read more
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas
19:07 10 Dec 19
First time needing a lawyer. Everything went extremely smooth and quick. Mr. McCraw went to my house after my car wreck... and I knew at that point that I was in good hands. Everyone who works there are so nice and will answer any questions or concerns you have. Thank you guys for all of your help.read more
Adelyn Braswell
Adelyn Braswell
17:02 10 Dec 19
When me and my family recently got hit by a drunk driver. They helped us with everything we needed. We had so many... questions and didn’t hesitate to answer. It was our first time with any lawyer so they made everything so easy for us, and got it all done so quick. They did everything in their power to get us all the money we deserved. They were all so friendly and I would recommend them to anyone.read more
Courtney Brooks
Courtney Brooks
16:12 12 Sep 19
I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end with the McCraw Law Group. My case was accepted and I was kept up to... date on how it was proceeding, and when it came to a settlement, we got more than expected. Everyone was very kind, the court proceedings went smoothly and I was extremely satisfied. I will definitely use them again if anything else arises.read more
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