No-Fault Insurance Benefits for Out-of-State Motorcyclists in McKinney

No-Fault Insurance Benefits for Out-of-State Motorcyclists in McKinney

Interpreting insurance coverage and benefits can be complicated under any circumstances, but especially if you are involved in an accident while outside your state of residence. These kinds of accidents can make it difficult to know what you may or may not be entitled to, at a time when you need your insurance to support you the most.

Under these circumstances, there is often no substitute for the advice and expertise of a local professional who has dealt with issues like this before. A seasoned attorney could provide all the answers you may need about no-fault insurance benefits for out-of-state motorcyclists in McKinney.

No-Fault Benefits Through PIP

The no-fault benefits that would stay the same between states for motorcycle operators are typically personal injury protection (PIP) policies. Texas is a state with a small mandatory PIP, but many other states—especially those that are no-fault states—will have larger PIP policies that take the place of big third-party policies.

For instance, New Jersey has very high PIP requirements, and it is not uncommon to see million-dollar PIP policies that have come out of New Jersey. In that case, a New Jersey resident injured out of state could make a PIP claim directly against their own carrier up to the amount of their injuries for their PIP, since their coverage does carry with them.

Also, if they have bought any additional excess coverage like any underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, that would travel with them. Liability policy can be varied in this regard, but if their liability policies are equal to or greater than the state mandatory minimum, then they travel with them.

Different Mandatory Minimum Coverages Between States

If their policies in one state are not as high as the state mandatory minimum where an accident occurred, things may get more complicated. For example, Florida has a minimum of $10,000 or $15,000, but they have relatively small liability minimum limits.

In states with smaller than $30,000 minimum limits, the insurance carriers—in exchange for the right to do business in Texas—have typically ordained to give the person that additional coverage when they cross the state line. In other words, if their state only maintains a minimum $10,000 third-party coverage, Texas state law mandates that that policy is essentially written up to a minimum $30,000 policy if they drive through the state. This is a way to enforce additional coverage for people who drive into the state.

For most carriers, this is not a big deal because most of the big carriers are going to write in all 50 states, so they understand that when someone goes from state to state they keep the amount of coverage that they bought. But if there are higher mandatory minimums than the amounts they bought, their coverage is written up to that amount. That is just part of the business of doing insurance, and the insurance companies know that, and they price even their smaller policies accordingly.

Discuss Out-of-State No-Fault Insurance Benefits with a Lawyer in McKinney

How your insurance policy might address an accident you get into while out of state can vary a lot depending on the company and your specific situation. If you want to ensure your physical and financial security following a wreck, it may benefit you to understand exactly what variations may apply in your case. Discussing no-fault insurance benefits with a McKinney lawyer who knows how out-of-state drivers should approach their cases is often a good way to mend any gaps in your knowledge. Call now.

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