McKinney Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

McKinney Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Roads often cater more to drivers of vehicles than pedestrian safety. Numerous pedestrians are injured in accidents due to unsafe roadways and negligent drivers. Pedestrians who have been injured due to an accident may want to contact a McKinney pedestrian accident lawyer to learn more about their legal opportunities.

Recovering compensation for damages such as property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. If you have been injured, a dependable attorney who understands these types of cases could strongly help a person if they choose to file a claim.

Laws Pertaining to Pedestrians

Pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 552, pedestrians generally have the right of way if they are in crosswalks. This may mean that motorists should yield to a pedestrian and allow them to cross if in a designated crosswalk. If the crosswalk has right of way signals, the pedestrian typically should obey the commands of the signals. For example, the pedestrian may want to follow the commands of the traffic light by only crossing the road if there is a walking symbol displayed.

However, if a pedestrian jaywalks, they typically do not have the right of way and should refrain from crossing when there is traffic coming. If a person violates this rule, it could lead to them causing an accident or experiencing significant injuries from being struck by a vehicle. Someone who is hit by a car or a truck as a pedestrian often faces the possibility of death due to the severity of their injuries. Ideally, if there is a sidewalk available and accessible, a person should use the sidewalk instead of walking on the roadway. However, if there is no sidewalk available, they may walk in the road but should typically walk on the left side of the roadway, facing traffic, on the shoulder of the road.

Motorists are encouraged to stay alert to pedestrians who are walking in these designated areas to avoid causing accidents. Both pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution while on the roads, as any negligence could contribute to a pedestrian accident.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accident

Often, drivers are the primary cause of pedestrian accidents. A driver, even if briefly distracted, could fail to see a pedestrian crossing the street. They also may commit many reckless acts, such as speeding, that could cause pedestrian accidents. A speeding car could easily fail to stop for a pedestrian and hit them, causing considerable injury. Common causes of pedestrian accidents may include:

Sometimes a driver could do everything right, exercising all caution, and still cause a pedestrian accident. For example, a child may dart into the road after a ball and leave no time for the driver to stop or veer out of the way.

Injuries from pedestrian accidents are often devastating and permanent. They may also cause significant medical expenses and consequences on your ability to work. Any pedestrian who was injured in a pedestrian accident should generally consult a McKinney lawyer about recovering compensation.

Consult with a McKinney Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After being involved in a pedestrian accident, you should typically call a McKinney pedestrian accident lawyer. They could review case facts and help determine liability. If a negligent driver’s careless actions contributed to your injuries, they could potentially be held accountable in the court of law.

An experienced injury lawyer could work with you to take on the insurance companies and fight for fair compensation. This could ease your stress about financial concerns and allow you to focus on your recovery. Call today to learn more.

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