McKinney Bus Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

McKinney Bus Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Buses are particularly susceptible to accidents involving pedestrians due to their large size and unwieldy blind spots. Pedestrians who have been injured by a negligent bus driver could be eligible for compensation. A McKinney bus pedestrian accident lawyer could help an injured person recover financial recompense for their injuries and the associated costs. If you have been injured after being hit by a bus, reach out to an experienced pedestrian attorney.

School Bus Pedestrian Accidents

One of the most common pedestrian bus accidents involves school buses. Very often, motorists do not heed the stop signs that buses have when they stop to either allow children to cross the road or to allow children to enter the bus or to leave the bus.

School buses in McKinney have flashing red lights on the back as a warning to other drivers. They also have a stop sign that physically extends from the driver’s side of the bus, warning all traffic either coming from behind the bus or coming the opposite way to stop and allow children to cross.

In worst-case situations, a child may be struck by a car while crossing to or from a school bus. Typically, a pedestrian accident involving a school bus happens when motorists are in a hurry, texting, or otherwise distracted and not paying attention to the vehicles and pedestrians in front of them. For help with recovering compensation after being hit by a bus, contact a bus pedestrian accident lawyer in McKinney.

Public Transportation

Another common scenario for pedestrian bus accidents involves public transportation. The McKinney area does not have much by the way of public transportation, but it does have public buses for the elderly.

In the southern parts of Collin County, there are DART transportation buses from time to time. People that are driving those buses have a harder time seeing the pedestrians than a typical motorist, because of the size of the vehicles the locations of the mirrors, and the heavy traffic areas in which they operate. It is incumbent upon the bus drivers to be very careful when they come and go, but occasionally accidents occur with pedestrians from the public transportation buses.

Charter Buses

Often, drivers may see Charter buses driving through the McKinney area and through Collin County to go from one place to another. Many buses coming from Dallas and Plano to go up to the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma, which is about 35 or 40 miles from McKinney. A number of very serious wrecks have occurred with these charter buses.

Reach Out to a McKinney Bus Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident involving a bus, you may be facing serious injury and high medical costs. An experienced attorney could hold a negligent bus driver, bus company, or city government accountable.

A McKinney bus pedestrian accident lawyer could review your damages, obtain and preserve evidence, and build a strong case for your compensation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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