Common Driving Scenarios in McKinney Pedestrian Accidents

Common Driving Scenarios in McKinney Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians should always remain alert and careful when crossing or walking near major roadways. In some instances, however, pedestrians are at particular risk of injury. Understanding these common driving scenarios in McKinney pedestrian accidents may help an individual avoid serious injury.

Experienced pedestrian accident lawyers may be familiar with specific roads and intersections where pedestrian accidents commonly occur. In the event of a severe injury, an attorney could work with the injured party, accident reconstructionists, and eyewitnesses to build a strong case for financial compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Cars Backing Up in Parking Lots

Many of the wrecks involving pedestrians occur in parking lots. One of the most common situations which pedestrians are hit in a parking lot is when motorists are attempting to back out of parking spots. It is incumbent upon all motorists to drive slowly when they are backing out of parking spots, particularly in large, active lots.

Pedestrians may be walking through the parking lot to go from their vehicles into the store and back. Also, children are particularly at risk of injuries in busy parking lots. Therefore, it is critical for those backing up in parking lots in McKinney to be attentive and watch for passers-by.

Cars Turning Right on Red

Another common driving scenario in McKinney pedestrian accidents is when individuals are crossing an intersection when a vehicle is turning right on a red. Cars in Texas have a right to turn right at a red light unless an intersection is specifically marked otherwise. Motorists in that situation still have to make sure that all pedestrian traffic has cleared the crosswalk before they make their turn.

Because most drivers attempting to make a right on red are looking to their left to make sure that there is no traffic coming through the intersection, sometimes they overlook pedestrians on the walkway to their right. In McKinney, right on red pedestrian accidents often happen in the downtown area, particularly with tourists.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Cars Turning Left Across an Intersection

Left-hand turns are among the most common motorist-on-motorist collisions, and pedestrians are sometimes harmed as a result. There is no telling which way the cars are going to spin, which way they are going to flip, which way they are going to travel, and how fast they are going to move when an intersection collision happens.

Innocent pedestrians waiting for the light to turn have been injured in motorists-on-motorist crashes. It could be a dangerous scenario when somebody turns left across traffic, even for a pedestrian who is not on the road.

Role of a Pedestrian Collision Attorney

A knowledgeable attorney may be familiar with the common driving scenarios in McKinney pedestrian accidents and be able to identify critical pieces of evidence quickly. If you or a loved one was injured, a seasoned attorney could work to recover the compensation you may rightfully deserve. Call today and set up a consultation with a compassionate lawyer. The sooner you call, the sooner an experienced legal professional could start helping you in your recovery.

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