McKinney Parking Lot Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

McKinney Parking Lot Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

With cars moving in multiple directions and pedestrians walking to and from their vehicles, parking lots can be a common location for pedestrian injuries. In many cases, the traffic pattern of a parking lot may be confusing or poorly marked. If you have been injured while walking through a parking lot, a McKinney parking lot pedestrian accident lawyer could help you recover your due compensation. Call today and set up a consultation with a dedicated pedestrian accident attorney.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Parking Lots

More often than not, accidents happen in the parking lots where pedestrians are in a crosswalk, going to and from the storefront, or walking behind a car that is reversing out of a parking spot. Children and those in wheelchairs are particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents in parking lots, as they may not be visible to drivers.

Less commonly, a car may strike a pedestrian as the driver is attempting to exit a parking lot onto a street and must cross a sidewalk in the process. Occasionally vehicles in these situations do not stop when they are approaching sidewalks, especially if they are more concerned about the traffic that they see coming down the street than the potential jogger, pedestrian, or bicyclist that happens to be on the sidewalk at the time.

Property Law in Parking Lots

Parking lots are often on private property, which could impact how a case is handled. In certain situations, a claim could be pursued against the owner of the parking lot if there are not adequate safety measures for the parking lot itself. Typically, appropriate safety measures include features like crosswalks and traffic devices like speed bumps to ensure that vehicles drive slowly.

In Texas, there is no requirement that parking lots have such safety devices, and there is no standardization for what those safety devices should look like. In other states, there are requirements that parking lots have these devices and that they fit a particular safety design. Texas has no such law, but other states’ requirements are often used to determine whether a claim may be brought against the parking lot owner.

There have been several situations in which parking lot pedestrian accident lawyers in McKinney have investigated claims that relate to negligence on the part of a parking lot owner.

National Chain Parking Lot Accidents

If dealing with a national chain, the company may sometimes argue that it strictly followed the laws of the State of Texas and that it was under no obligation to install safety features in its parking lot. Still, a case always comes down to the owner’s negligence and what the company knew or should have known. The presence of a national chain should not deter an injured pedestrian from filing a liability claim.

If you or a loved one was struck by a car in a parking lot, you might be eligible for monetary compensation. Determining fault, identifying a defendant, and preserving evidence may be challenging, but a McKinney parking lot pedestrian accident lawyer could walk you through each step of the process. Contact an experienced attorney today.

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