McKinney Commercial Property Liability Lawyer

McKinney Commercial Property Liability Lawyer

Commercial property is generally anything that is not public or private property. These include businesses, shops, restaurants, bars, and churches.

If you suffered harm due to a business owner’s failure to remove or warn certain hazardous from their property, you may benefit from contacting a McKinney commercial property liability lawyer. An experienced injury attorney could review your case and determine if you have grounds for civil action.

McKinney Commercial Property Owner Liability

The responsibilities commercial property owners have and how they can be held accountable when they don’t uphold those duties depends on the type of visitor that is injured. Typically, for premises liability cases involving commercial properties, the visitor is an invitee or business – called business invitee liability.

In those situations, the company owner owes the highest standard of care under Texas law. It requires a property owner to repair or warn of any known danger existing on the property that could potentially cause harm to a third party. That’s the highest standard in our law and is typically reserved for commercial property owners.

How is Liability Assigned in Commercial Property Cases?

Under 33 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, liability in commercial property cases is assigned based on fault. A jury will assign a percentage of fault between all potential parties that are in the lawsuit. In McKinney, if a person that is injured is more than half at fault for their own injuries, they are barred from recovery. That is why it is imperative for someone who was injured on a commercial property to seek a skilled attorney who could prove the property owner is primary liable party.

Does the Litigation of a Commercial Property Liability Case Change When the Defendant is a Large Corporation?

When the defendant is a large corporation, it provides addition benefits and challenges. Corporations often have more insurance which could have the  potential of a greater recovery on the part of the claimant.

Additionally, corporations may have prior premises liability issues. A McKinney attorney could investigate whether the commercial property has had prior instances, what they were, and what regulations they put in place as a result. If it is found that the corporation had prior injury cases but failed to prevent further instances, that evidence could be used against the defendant.

However, unlike small businesses, large companies are equipped with powerful teams of attorneys. These lawyers are often hired to specifically handle cases like these. Therefore, enlisting the help of a dedicated and well-practiced lawyer could be beneficial in these cases.

Appealing a Verdict

Claimants have 30 days after a judgment has been rendered for an appeal to occur or for the jurisdiction of the court to be expanded. Therefore, it is important for a claimant to act quickly if they wish to appeal their commercial property liability case.

Claimants must follow what is known as a notice of appeal. This is a one-page motion that informs the court and opposing party that the claimant is appealing the previous court decision

It should be noted that to appeal a verdict, a claimant must have evidence that there was an error in the previous court decision. This is not a chance to provide more evidence of a claimant’s injuries.

Speak with a McKinney Commercial Property Liability Lawyer Today

Commercial property liability is fraught with complications and potential errors. By failing to conduct a thorough investigation of the company and the injury case, you may not receive the full amount of compensation you are owed. By speaking with a McKinney commercial property liability lawyer, you could improve your chances of a full recovery.

However, you must act quickly. Under Texas law you only have two years from the date of the accident to file a civil claim for compensation. Call the McCraw Law Group today and schedule your free case consultation with attorneys you can trust.

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