Types of McKinney Premises Liability Cases

Types of McKinney Premises Liability Cases

When people think of premises liability cases, they often imagine slipping on a wet surface at a local business. However, many different instances fall under this type of law. Understanding the different types of McKinney premises liability cases could help you take the right steps toward financial compensation. If you were recently hurt on another’s property, you might benefit from contacting a well-practiced injury attorney.

What Types of Cases are Handled by a Premises Liability Attorney?

The types of cases that fall under premises liability law are actually fairly broad, with the most common being trip, slip, and fall cases. Other claims that fall under premises liability include:

  • Dangerous swimming pools
  • Dram shops
  • Aggressive animals
  • Construction defects

Cases that result in catastrophic injuries or death as the result of a hazardous property would also fall under premises liability law in McKinney.

Common Locations

Some common locations include public areas including malls or outdoor venues around McKinney. Apartment complexes, work sites, individual homes, and swimming pools are also common locations for potential hazards.

Why is it Important for Lawyers to Investigate Dangerous Properties Quickly?

It is always important in every type of premises liability case for a McKinney attorney to be contacted immediately so they can preserve evidence. This evidence is necessary to prove property owner knew or should have known of the problem and that the condition was not open and obvious.

Severity of Premises Liability Cases

The severity of a premises liability case is determined by how bad the person hurt, the long-term prognosis, and how this injury is going to affect their life going forward. A lawyer should also look at whether this injury is likely to be permanent or will prevent a person from making a living.

An attorney may also investigate whether this particular location has faced allegations of hazardous property before. If the property has faced multiple premises liability cases, it could be argued that the property owner’s negligence is a danger to the community. The greater the degree of danger, the greater the degree of harm, the greater the severity of the case.

How is Liability Determined in Premises Liability Cases?

Liability is determined in every premises liability case by looking at what hazards the land owner knew,  or in some cases, should have known about. In cases involving dangerous animals, an attorney would need to prove the pet owner was aware of the canine’s aggressive tendencies. In a slip and fall case, an attorney would need to prove the property owner was aware of the tripping hazards.

In Texas, these cases are submitted to the jury who will then assign a percentage of fault to the defendant and the claimant. The potential damage award will then be decreased by the claimant’s percentage of fault. If the jury believes the injured party was more than half at fault for their own harm, they will be barred from recovery.

Learn More About the Different Types of McKinney Premises Liability Cases from an Attorney

For the most part, different types of McKinney premises liability cases are handled in much the same way. An experienced attorney could review the case, investigate the hazardous property, and collect and preserve evidence to show the defendant was negligent. However, the type of evidence needed to prove a case depends on the type of property hazards. Dangerous animal cases require much different evidence than construction defect cases.

That is why it is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in all types of premises liability claims. Call our office today and schedule your free case consultation.

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