McKinney Wrongful Death of a Minor Lawyer

McKinney Wrongful Death of a Minor Lawyer

Parents should not have to bury their children. When minors are killed, the grief can be absolutely devastating to a family. As a result, really significant emotional injuries to parents. One of the hardest things to do as a wrongful death lawyer is to really get in there and explore those areas of damages, but it is something that an attorney has to do if they are going to do justice by that child. A compassionate McKinney wrongful death of a minor lawyer could work with a grieving family to hold negligent parties accountable for the loss of their child.

Common Causes of Wrongful Minor Deaths

Wrongful death of minors could be the result of any number of accidents.  Car seat injuries, in which children may not have been in car seats when they should have been, or they were in a car seat but the car seat did not appropriately insulate them from harm, are relatively common wrongful death cases.  In these situations, a products liability case may be appropriate.  Of course, the even more common wrongful death actions are from car and truck wrecks.

In a family community like McKinney, especially in times in which people are out of school like summertime, winter breaks weekends, there are parents running after children all over the place to do soccer games, football games, gymnastics and all the things that the parents do. All of that day-to-day transporation places children at risk of serious injury in a traffic accident.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Preexisting conditions are medical conditions that can be triggered by a particular act or action. If a triggering action is wrongful, like in wrongful death situations, the person or entity that caused the triggering action may be liable. Suppose a child had a congenital defect in their spine and they are involved in a relatively minor car wreck but as a result of that congenital defect, the right amount of force is put on the child and now the child is killed, and it never would have happened to a child that did not have that congenital defect.

In a situation like that or in any other situation that is similar to that in which there is a preexisting condition, the at-fault person takes the injured person the way they find them. Any exacerbation, all exacerbation or anything that makes that preexisting condition worse, the at-fault person is responsible for in McKinney law. Insurance companies often use these preexisting conditions as a way to try to decrease the value of a claim or a case, but these situations do not decrease the value of the claim.

Contacting a McKinney Wrongful Death of a Minor Lawyer

The wrongful death of a minor is one of the most disturbing instances of injustice imagineable. Parents and family members must bear immense an emotional burden, in addition to the practical costs of a funeral and burial. A McKinney wrongful death of a minor lawyer could work to hold a negligent party accountable and recover financial compensation on a family’s behalf. When you are ready, consider reaching out to an attorney to schedule an initial consultation.

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