Our Firm’s Approach to McKinney Wrongful Death Actions

Our Firm’s Approach to McKinney Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful death cases require a significant amount of money, specialized knowledge, and a lot of time to litigate. Some personal injury lawyers simply do not have the time, expertise, or the preparation to commit the financial resources necessary to work wrongful death cases. It is common for an attorney to spend tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands, prosecuting a claim.

For a plaintiff to earn the best possible result, it is critical that their attorney has the financial wherewithal to handle the case properly. Many lawyers that handle personal injury cases will refer wrongful death claims to firms such as the McCraw Law Group because our firm is experienced in pursuing these challenging cases.

When you are ready, consider reaching out to learn more about our firm’s approach to McKinney wrongful death actions and how we could help hold negligent actors accountable.

How Does Attorney Compensation Work?

Attorney compensation is typically executed on a percentage of recovery, called a contingency fee. No fee is owed unless a recovery is made. Often, the lawyers also finance the cost of putting the case together, so they have invested money, time, and staff from day one.

A contingency fee is often the best route for both the plaintiff and the attorney. To pay cash out of pocket for prosecuting a wrongful death case, the plaintiff would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront. Most plaintiffs are simply not able to do that. The attorney, meanwhile, has a strong incentive to litigate the case as effectively as possible while on a contingency fee. The better job they do, the greater the recovery and the more money they stand to make.

The Value of Compassion

In the view of the McCraw Law Group, compassion for the claimants is the most critical part of wrongful death cases. When someone has passed away, there is a hole in the life of the family and the community. The jury needs to feel that pain; it needs to understand who the person was and what the community and family lost.

Without compassion, a wrongful death case is difficult to litigate effectively. Doing it right takes a toll on attorneys and their staff. Sometimes taking time off because of the emotional aspect of the case is critical to the lawyer’s effectiveness and personal mental health. Often, it is emotionally challenging to work with people who have lost a loved one, especially if the decedent is a child. The lawyer has to help the claimant live through their grief.

In addition to emotional support and making the connections for the jury to see what the person is going through, an accomplished wrongful death lawyer can tell the family what to expect. Skilled lawyers could help remove some of the unknowns during the case process.

Contact a Seasoned Lawyer in McKinney

If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, you deserve legal representation that puts you first. When you are ready, consider reaching out to the experienced attorneys at the McCraw law group. Our firm’s approach to McKinney wrongful death actions focuses on compassion, not profit.

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