Parker Boat Accident Lawyer

Parker Boat Accident Lawyer

While days on the water typically offer a good source of fun, unexpected accidents could leave you or members of your party injured. If you have injuries from a recent watercraft collision, contact a Parker boat accident lawyer. You could be eligible to receive compensation for continual medical care and physical therapy related to the accident, as well as repairs for damage to your vessel.

Boating accidents can quickly become catastrophic, or even deadly. A seasoned attorney could provide dedicated assistance to create a legal claim by reviewing your case in light of Texas boating laws and interviewing accident witnesses who strengthen your case against the defendant.

Required Boater Licensing & Education

According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Water Safety Act, an individual born after September 1, 1993 must complete a boater education course to obtain a boating license. These courses are taught by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members and other trained instructors. These classes are necessary to operate a personal watercraft, powerboat with a motor exceeding 15 horsepower, or a windblown vessel that is more than 14 feet in length. To operate a boat on their one, one must be at least 13 years old. Those younger than 13 can operate watercrafts under the supervision of adults aged 18 or older, assuming those supervisors have passed the required safety course.

Licensed vessel operators must have their Boater Education Card on board to show law enforcement officers when needed. If the operator of a boat does not have the licensing or education to navigate waterways safely in Parker, an attorney could hold them accountable for any accident that results from there misconduct.

Necessary Safety Equipment for Watercrafts

The Water Safety Act requires boaters to have U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets on board that fit the passengers and are in “serviceable” condition. All other Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) also require approval. Motorboats exceeding 39.4 feet in length must include sound producing devices such as horns or whistles, while all vessels must have at least one bright light for navigation. Additional required safety equipment, depending on the vessel type, includes:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Mirrors for towing purposes
  • Flame arresters for gasoline-powered boats crafted after April 25, 1940, except outboard motors
  • Exhaust water manifolds for motorboats
  • Engine cut-off switches for motorboats

Boat collisions involving vessels that lack safety equipment provide grounds for civil lawsuits. A local attorney could build a case that a boater was negligent in providing proper safety equipment in the event of a crash, resulting in the claimant’s injuries.

Alcohol Laws in Parker

Many boaters enjoying the Gulf Coast may choose to drink alcohol. However, the resulting impairment in judgement runs the risk of causing devastating crashes. Boating enthusiasts in Texas are allowed alcoholic beverages so long as they are not operating the watercraft. They must function solely as passengers under Texas Penal Code (§ 49.06). Since alcohol use is among some of the main reasons for boating wrecks, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department recommends extreme caution regarding consumption. If a drunk watercraft operator causes a crash, an experienced attorney in the area could help a claimant file a civil claim against them.

Discuss Your Parker Boating Accident with an Attorney Today

Do not hesitate to seek legal guidance following a watercraft collision. Any boating crash must be reported to the TPWD or closest police precinct within 30 days if the collision required treatment beyond first aid or caused the death of a passenger 48 hours after the crash. Vessel damages exceeding $2,000 also require official reports.

If you or your loved one were harmed in a collision with a negligent boater, a Parker boating accident lawyer could help. Contact our law firm today to speak with an experienced legal professional to determine the next steps in your case.

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